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Are my symptoms my choice ?

Are my symptoms my choice ? Or they’re appearing because mental illnesses like bpd are real illnesses ?

I know that mental illnesses are real, that’s because i was in therapy for a year

The issue is that my parents are telling me i’m making all of this up to just get attention

And that my therapist is the one who made me feel like i’m mentally ill

I can’t find the truth anymore
I’m lost and devastated
As i really feel tired, i really feel things more than the people around me, and tend to self-harm

Is it normal for a mentally healthy person to self-harm ?

Is self-harm, depression to the point that my life stops, anxiety to the point that i stop doing some things, personality issues that I ruined almost all my relationships, and insomnia
All my choices ?
Am i really a bad person ?
Do i only love myself and not care about others ?
Is staying in therapy for almost a year without any progress because i had a bad therapist my choice ?
Is it not normal to say that i’m mentally tired ?
Is it ok for people to just walk away and get disgusted from me ?

I just hate myself

I need an answer, my mind couldn’t take this anymore so i googled and never found an answer

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #tired #help #answer


If someone can answer untill I satisfied it will change the outcome of my life #changing life

I want to know how people become happy in enjoyment of their live when so many are in pain and some even died in regret
Is the selfishness are a key to happiness?
Is it because we only lived once logic?
Is it their suffering are worth the sacrifice from our thoughts as long as we happy and fulfilled?
It's nothing personal!
#answer that may change my life