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When therapy harms rather than heals

Feeling hopeless.
Feeling shame.
Earlier this year my 2 year ‘therapeutic’ relationship ended, it was a painful experience where I found myself completely dependent on a therapist that treated me like her daughter and referred to me as such! She was my only support and I trusted that what we were doing was healing my CPTSD and now I’m left blaming myself and left with more intrusive symptoms than before therapy.

I have now just been dropped from an organisation that I was on a placement with for mental health and chronic pain after being promised this would never happen.
The most heartbreaking part is that one of the therapists there that I trusted completely said “I see it, I see all of it and I won’t reject you like everyone else has.” and I let those words in, I believed! and now it’s all suddenly ended. The ending wasn’t expected or planned and I’ve had no goodbye or closure.
I was promised they would never give up on me or stop trying to help, I was told they would never just drop me.
The worst part is that in the last few weeks there I had a massive turn around, I found this inner strength and belief in myself that I’ve never known before but then the way it was ended put me in crisis, it shattered me and now I’m trying to piece myself back together.

I’m devastated.

It seems my support needs as a result of my trauma is just TOO MUCH for everyone and I will never find the help I need.

Mental health professionals - Please don’t give people false hope. It’s dangerous and this is peoples lives you may be messing with!

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