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Community Voices

Childhood trauma is not a necessary factor. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I see this a lot, and can only speak for those with BPD, but it’s more correlation than causation. Trauma during development can cause a slew of mental health issues down the line that are not even related to personality disorders. I had what one might call an “ideal” childhood, yet this disorder has ruined my life as an adult. Just don’t feel as though you HAD to have trauma during childhood to fit the diagnostic criteria for BPD, because in fact, it isn’t needed for the diagnosis.
#PersonalityDisorders #Trauma #BPDDiagnosis #misunderstood

Community Voices
Community Voices

Here I am

I have no friends due to epilepsy. The medication is so expensive and insurance runs me down. My family doesn't really understand me and have been abandoned by some. #alone #misunderstood #Epilepsy

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Idk what to do

CW: selfharm

So, over the last 3ish months I’ve relapsed with selfharm 5-6ish times, the last time being a week ago today. Which was also the morning of my therapy appointment for the week, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her in session so I sent her a message afterwards telling her I relapsed again. And so today was the session after that and of course she brought it up which is fine. But idk she’s normally so good at understanding where I’m coming from and making things relatable, etc. but I kinda feel like we’re speaking different dialects of the same language. It’s like she’s 100% focused on stopping any future relapses, whereas I… don’t really care at this point. Sure there’s this tiny part of me that cares and my therapist wants me to put more focus on the part that does care which I get. But just, I don’t like the way she framed everything and idk how to communicate that to her.

She really is a great therapist, and we’ve worked so well together on other things that like I know this is just a bump in the road, but like, idk what to do. Todays session didn’t go well in my mind and now all I want to do is cancel my next session and stop talking to her about my selfharm altogether. I know that’s not the right way to handle this, but the thought is really tempting right now. I hate complicated emotions and todays session has brought up a lot and I’m honestly just so done.

#Selfharm #Selfinjury #Relapse #Depression #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Therapy #Therapist #ADHD #misunderstood #DBT #Emotions

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Hi aĺl

So I have bi polar 2 anxiety depression cpsd ptsd and teleplis and autism and a mild intellectual disability scoliosis #bi polar sucks #misunderstood

So only a few years been diagnosed with autism being female you know it is what happens

I find it so hard in the community
Who else does
Where do I fit
I function like a so called norm
But don't understand conversation enough or social....
Why is it that if you are not fully unfunctional that people lump everyone together oh it's disability not being able to see each person and putting people who have high behaviours above others....

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#ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #

I feel so alone, so misunderstood,so feed up with doctors not believing my pain! They tell me it’s in my head & I need a Psychiatrist…UGH!

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To Those Who Are Misunderstood, You Are Not Alone

<p>To Those Who Are Misunderstood, You Are Not Alone</p>
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