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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Karyn Almendarez. I'm here because I have Multiple Myeloma Cancer and I want to learn new self-care techniques to help depression, anxiety, and my cancer symptoms. I also want to teach others with chronic illnesses how to love themselves and take the best care possible of their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

    #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #BloodCancer


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is ZanyZebra. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

    #MightyTogether #Fibromyalgia #Lupus #BloodCancer #ChiariMalformation


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is thead2. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

    #MightyTogether #BloodCancer


    #Depression 's physical symptoms

    Does anyone else experience physical symptoms with their depression and anxiety?

    My unique physical symptom is a #Tremor in my right hand. When my depression worsens my right hand moves rhythmically. Even when I stop the hand from moving either holding it or focusing on it the muscles in my arm twitch. And I often wake with an ache in my arm because my tremor continues during sleep.

    Other symptoms:

    Disturbed #sleeep cycles - waking multiple times a night. Not being able to sleep. Sleeping all day.

    #tenion in my body - that is my muscles feel tight in my neck, back and shoulders.

    I suspect that my digestive problems are also related to my #Depression and #Anxiety .

    FYI, I have had multiple MRI and CT scans looking at my brain to determine if there is a physical cause to my right hand tremor and I have an unremarkable brain according to the scans. In other words my brain is normal. Also all of my labs are normal including vitamins and minerals that can be tested when requested. Thyroid is also normal.

    Major depressive disorder can manifest itself with multiple symptoms and in my case, I ignored the symptoms for so long that my brain and body decided to tell me something was wrong through the tremor.

    I remember the day and hour when my hand first started twitching. It was the day after I learned one of my best friends suddenly died of blood cancer. His diagnosis was three weeks earlier and he was being prepped for treatment in the hospital when he died. I was heading out of town on a business trip. By the time I returned home from the business trip three days later the tremor was full blown.

    Other than my therapist and doctor I have not spoken about when my tremor started. By talking about this I hope to bring awareness that depression and anxiety can impact other parts of our body that may not seem related but your body might be signaling your brain needs help it isn't getting.

    What physical symptoms do you associate with depression?


    I’m scared. Family caregiver daddy diagnosed with myleoplastic syndrome ( precursor to blood cancer) 10/2017 started 4 consecutive days of chemotherapy every 4 weeks. Momma hospitalized 11/2017 died 12/2017. He was given 3 years it’s been 4. I’m tired, lonely, scared,and grieving. It’s so much more piled on to more I’m overwhelmed and can’t find a starting place. I need help with how to start without ranting, saying to much and I don’t know. My brother & his girlfriend moved in with daddy & me uninvited and without permission a year after momma died. They bullied me, took advantage of us financially, emotionally, mentally,and very much verbally. it has also affected us spiritually. Covid affected us socially and they took advantage of that. Finally physically with me. He went to jail. No contact order issued. They are gone but OMG the hoarding!! Now zero help. Gave dad Covid. He was on hospice but didn’t die 6/2021. We are broke. I can’t tell my daddy, he worked so hard. He’s 84 I will be 57 next month. I’ve needed both knees replacement surgery, bonded my son, only child out of jail to help. Humongous mistake. He’s in the wind. I cannot get any physical help with my daddy unless he goes on hospice. I have checked into every single thing no help available. We make too much money. Too much money but not enough to live on and my car broke yesterday. Post narcissistic abuse? Hell yes. ☮️✌️#Caregiving #Cancer #chemo #COVID #NarcissisticAbuse #frombrother #wornout

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    Too Many Obstacles to Bear …

    I just would love one day without any kind of issue especially when it concerns my health … I am going thru so much lately with all these Diseases that just won’t let up … Lupus.. RA.. Pulmonary Fibrosis.. Myositis DM .. MPN - Myoprolifative Neuroplasam/Rare Blood Cancer within my Bone Marrow .. Thyroid.. Macular degeneration in my Right eye.. Raynauds Syndrome.. and I have fallen 5 times this past summer due to neuropathy in my feet 👣… so now still healing from a 4 fractured pelvis, fractured shoulders, fractured spine … I mean along with my u supportative living situation with my mother and her EVIL husband that I constantly get demeaned daily … my own mother doesn’t even believe I am sick, she’s called me a Junkie 3 times all because I am on ONE pain med for ALL the pain I endure and even that doesn’t give me a half normal life .. I also have a huge hernia that was told cannot take out because I will die on the table so Hopkins put me as Terminally ill 😷.. and now my mother is moving and I was told I need to find a place to live .. and I am to the point in my health to where I need constant care…. SO AFTER ALL OF THIS that I actually deal with daily I still find a way to put a smile on my face … I use to smile all the time and laugh and love life but now I do t see the point .. the only reason I am pushing is for my twin boys … they are my life and soul … but if anyone has any ideas of a person like me could look into for living that’s not a nursing home could you please share ??? I was told about apartment complexes ran by health care and for disability patients like myself… sorry for the book but needed to vent …. Thank u for listening ♥️♥️ #beingsickSUX #smile


    Anyone else fully vaccinated but worried about immunity to covid ?

    #BloodCancers I have smoldering multiple myeloma and know my immune system is not normal. I get IVIG to prevent lung infections. Will be getting my antibodies tested as part of a study.

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    MY LIFE HAS GONE DOWNHILL #Depression #Anxiety #Selfcare # Rare Cancer #AbusiveRelationship #Worthlessness

    Hi! I am new here. I am 65. I have been married 43 years. The first 9 years were good till we adopted a 5 year old. Before we knew it. We were also raising 2 of her 4 daughters from birth. My marriage slowly disintegrated. The girls were always more important to him, then me. I was no longer valued. The romance died. Just completely stopped (and I was a child of the 70"s.) I gained a lot of weight. I worked until I had my first breakdown in 1991. I was hospitalized and had shock therapy and was clinically depressed. But I came home and picked up the pieces. I think I was and am a good Mom and grandmother. Though no one else thinks so. I was criticized by my family. My extended family live 1200 miles away. I have no support system. Ten years ago my husband retired. He is 11 years older than me He took over my place in the home. Always driving the girls around, doing the shopping, running errands. Then he started throwing away furniture the pets ruined and would not replace them. He took pictures. Everything off the walls. He cut down flowers and shrubs I loved outside. Gone went the bird feeders. Window boxes and wind chimes. I think he is sick. Or punishing me. I was no longer happy. I have no kitchen or livingroom furniture and am regulated to my single bed for 3 years now. One of our bathrooms had a leak and caved in. It is still not usable or fixed. The cockroaches came in. So I stopped going out. I have no friends. My anxiety got worse. I stopped caring about my appearances. I have not showered brushed my teeth gone out to a Dr appt or got my hair cut in 5 months. I am now very nervous some days and can't function. Get out of bed. Care for my animals. I cry alot. I got weak. I fell alot. I had to have the fire dept come pick me up off the floor. We fought about that. I had to use a walker for a while. I also found out last Spring I was over medicated. My husband stays mostly in his shed/man cave. We rarely talk. When we do, we usually argue (I'm not dead yet). He hangs up on me. This is the big picture! Why I joined this group is for help. I have a (virtual) shrink. But no counselor. I need help getting out of bed ( not litterally) and caring for myself and dressing up. It would take terrific effort but I want to, but I can't. I don't know why. I need a shower so bad! I want to get my Covid shot. Missed my flu shot. Badly need dental care, eye care and new glasses. skin care ( I have a rare blood cancer that manifests on my skin.) And to see the new Gyn. For several years years I have been cancelling appointments. I no longer drive. My husband will take me. How do I get the motivation to get out of bed and shower??? My shrink says just do it! I can't. We wants to put me on Wellbutrin
    I am scared of the side effects. Also, I have my days and nights turned around. I sleep 10 to 12 hous during the day. I would like to change that, too. I just want to be normal. I want to be myself again