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#BoarderlinePersonality #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD

I honestly don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this. How much longer I can keep going.


My partner has #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and I would like some advice.

Hey everyone,
Im new to this. My partner of nearly a year has bpd and hasn't been in a great place lately. Im being as supportive as I can and everything she throws at me im taking on the chin and still being there for her.
I've done so much research and at the moment I try everything not to upset her but everything I am doing is not right and she is constantly telling me research it. She is constantly telling me it is over and I tell her I am going nowhere. I just stuck on what else I can do.
The last thing I want is this to be about me but I am stuck. Can anyone help me? #BPD #BoarderlinePersonality #boarderlinepersonalitydisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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The heart breaking truth about my BPD

It’s not that I want to be cold hearted but I need to be to survive life’s ordeals.
A lot of poeple who I am close to will decpribe me as heartless or cold hearted to those who want to engage with me. And I am aware that what I’m doing is bad but what know to do to protect my heart. I wish others knew that I don’t mean to be heartless or cold. It’s how I know to defend my self from the cruel world. #BoarderlinePersonality #Relationships

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Unwanted feeling #Relationships #Depression

Do you ever get that unwanted feeling from your partner? Lately I have been getting that feeling from my boyfriend. It drives me crazy because it seems like it’s a never ending circle. I just want that feeling to go away. No matter what I do to make it go away it is always there the next day. I have turned to drinking and smoking a lot more weed than I usually do. My depression has kicked into high gear. #thissucks #Depression #BoarderlinePersonality

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What are your distraction techniques, for when your practicing social distancing?

I have recently been told I fit criteria for #BipolarSpectrumDisorder , #SocialAnxiety, and #BoarderlinePersonality . We are therefore changing meds from SSRI’s to Abilify. I’m really struggling because I can’t keep busy enough in the house to get out of my head. Any ideas are appreciated!

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