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3 Things I am Grateful for Today

- Being able to spend the day with my girlfriend (she is off work today) my daughter, and my bonus daughter (my gfs daughter). Making breakfast, cleaning the house, enjoying each other’s company in the midst of all the chaos.

- Getting a call from the WIC office to schedule an appointment to get state benefits. I was worried my voicemail got lost and this would be delayed. It turned out being okay!

- Having our first family library card. I was able to get the necessary proof of address forms to get a card despite my license not having our updated address. Win! The kids enjoyed the library and I have a feeling it will offer solace in the future!

#grateful #threethingsiamgratefulfor #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderliner #positivereinforcement #PositiveThinking #Dbtskills #DBT #borderlinelife #LGBT



The fear I feel on a daily basis makes it hard to function. Makes it hard to see what may actually be going on. Makes life hard discouraging hopeless. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #borderlinelife



I asked my boyfriend not to do something that would affect my mental state and let him know it could ruin our relationship. (I used DBT skills like Dear Man to try and explain to him how it would hurt). He did the thing and now realizes how it really did affect me. He says he should have believed me more, he just didn’t believe I could fall that far. Well now, I have resent because he chose to allow me to hurt and regress after having been putting so much work into therapy. He’s wonderful in every way possible, but he disrespected me and my mind. He made my mental illness worse and i’m feeling heartbroken. He said I’m crazy and doesn’t understand how and why it affected me so much. I know it sounds like it’s time for us to part... damn. He’s been the only non-abusive boyfriend and my favorite is how he used to make me smile and laugh. I guess this month, he made me more sad than anything.
#borderlinelife #BPD #crazyornot