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A love letter to young hearts #MightyPoets

I am a mother and an auntie. I wrote this for the kiddos in my life who I love so dearly. I hope that anyone who should need an extra reminder, young or awesomely young at heart that this may help.

#Poetry #growth #Support #iseeyou #Selfacceptance #distraction #Selflove #Selfrespect

Be humble

There's something to be learned from every single person you meet. We are not above anyone, any lesson or station in this life.

If you forget, life will happily show you where to sit.


Respect is a given. Because that's who you are. Trust is earned based on who they are.

Most importantly, respect yourself. If you don't, no one else will.

You deserve better from yourself.

Hard work

The things you love, have, and that are worth keeping come with hard work.

If it's easy, baby, it's probably temporary.


If you can and want to be anything in this world, my loves, be kind.

Anyone can be thoughtless and cruel.

It takes a brave badass soul to be kind.

Be kind to yourself too.

Life is hard enough without you kicking your ass.

Be Brave

You will make mistakes, yet don't live in regret. You will be the hero and the villain in your and someone else's story.

That's everyone's common ground.

Be brave and forgive yourself.

Self-loathing is beneath you, my dear.

Be brave and be vulnerable.

You will grow more than you can imagine and love harder than you thought was possible.

Yes, there will be pain. There will be heartache.

Bravery doesn't mitigate pain.

Bravery will see you through to the other side of the coin, which is love, gratitude, and joy.

Be yourself

There's only one of you. Don't waste time pretending.

It feels bad. Let yourself be.

Those who love and care for you will be there to celebrate your truth alongside you.


This might be the hardest thing I ever ask of you, yet I am asking anyway.

Love your beautiful, brilliant selves.

You must love yourself and set the tone of how others are to treat you.

Be courageous in loving yourself so well; everyone who knows you will see your light and follow in your footsteps.

You are setting examples for those around you every time you do.

Please, remember, dear one, people will show you who they are.

When they do, believe them.

This is part of loving yourself and remembering just who the fuck you are. Cause baby, you are star shine and magic.

Water your garden. Live your life so well and authentically that you plant seeds wherever you go. When things get tough, and all you see is weeds, look behind you to spot the flowers you have sowed.

Remember, I believe in you. I see you, and I am so damn proud of you.

Love you a megaton.


Daily Inspiration

Pleasing others is a complete waste of time. Focus on yourself because you're not going to make everybody happy. #MentalHealth #self -image #selflovecomesfirst #Selfrespect #Selfesteem

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Stand your ground. #Selfrespect #Selfesteem #Integrity #moralcode

Don't be moved to stray from the principles you hold dear. Value yourself enough not be manipulated - don't let anyone pull your strings. And try not to let anyone ruin your day, Come what may. They want it their way, no matter what. #manipulation #Dignity