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Why?!?  #Fibromyalgia #edsscreening #aorticrootdilation

I am in the midst of feeling extremely down and helpless. This past year 2019 was a hot mess family wise and physically. I found my chronic pain previously related to solely to fibromyalgia increasing. I was always told that fibro pain is not progressive and I started experiencing other symptoms. Since August I was told that I have unspecified neutropenia have dealt with a 30lb weight loss (and counting) in a matter of months, lack of appetite, pain, pain and more pain. I have had to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to see if there was anything else more "nefarious" going on. During the course of all of this and doing my own research, I brought to the attention of my doctor's that I would like to be screened for EDS hypermobility type, as I feel that the symptoms I have can be related to that not to mention that my brother and mother have also exhibited signs too. As I am in the midst of this screening process, I have had to go to opthamology and cardiology for an echocardiogram, which, incidentally found that I have aortic root and ascending aorta dilation. I don't see the specialist until February and my mind is going crazy because  I am worried that I can drop dead at any flipping moment!

#depressedandinpain #FibromyalgiaSucks #edsscreening #Brokenbody

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10 Years Today! #AcuteMyeloidLeukemia

It’s 10 years ago to the day since my life effectively ended when I was told, for the first time, that I had AML! My mind & body have been destroyed by the trauma and treatment I’ve been through. So, here’s to 10 years of fighting each other cancer! GO F**K YOURSELF!🤬🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 #AML #cancersucks #FuckCancer #Leukaemia #BMT #MentalHealth #Depression #PTSD #Brokenbody #brokenmind