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BuJo spreads to prepare for autism evaluation?

Has anyone ever used their bullet journal to help them prepare for an autism evaluation or any other mental health evaluation?

From the sounds of everything happening in my life lately it seems that I'll finally be getting evaluated for autism (as an female adult)!! I want to be as prepared as possible and I feel like my bullet journal is a perfect way to organize that but I'm drawing a blank at spread ideas.

What are some things I could be tracking, measuring, collecting...

All ideas welcome!

(photo of my old uni week spread and it's pretty colours to not get lost and give a sample of my style)

#bujo #BulletJournal #Autism #AutismDiagnosis #MentalHealth #organization

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Do you #bujo? #BulletJournals have changed my life!

I’ve been a long time journaler but without any consistency. I had dozens of half filled journals (mostly because I can’t resist buying a pretty new notebook) and mostly only wrote in them when I was upset.

Since discovering the bullet journal system about two years ago, it has become a daily part of my life. I use it as a calendar, a tracker, a creative outlet, a journal, a gratitude journal, goal planning and much more!

Have you always wanted to try it? Ask me anything!