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    The comfort in grief…

    <p>The comfort in grief…</p>
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    I'd like to hear some thoughts on how to deal with a fear of happiness. I have depression, and anxiety, and it seriously bugs me.

    It's not my only phobia (I'm a very anxious person), but this one makes my therapy even harder. What can I do if I'm afraid that something wrong will happen every time I try to let myself feel a little bit more „positive” about things (e.g. satisfied)? Feeling happy is something I absolutely dread. It makes my whole body stiff when I think I could let myself be happy because of all the horrible outcomes I already imagine.

    Is there anyone else with this condition, or simply, phobia? How do you deal with it?


    One day, when I was younger, I decided not to let myself get too happy over things because of the fear of what could happen next, and, as a result, I always felt the best when I was in really bad conditions. Sad, angry, lonely. I knew I was safe. And nothing wrong could happen. I started liking to feel bad.

    Am I the only fuck-up like this? (It's a rhetorical question, of course ;)) I just haven't found any specific articles on this condition yet. (I haven't been here for too long yet, that's also true.) #Cherophobia #FearOfHappiness #Distrust #Anxiety

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