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Doctors stink! 🤨

Good morning fellow Mightyers. How are you all doing?

I've had several downs lately and a hit after another. First, a doctor's visit who was rude to my mom and me. He would put his hand out to our faces to make us stop talking as we tried to explain to him our answers to the stupid paper form I filled out. He just wanted a yes or no response from us by the look of things. Then I had two problems today over a online game which I know it seems silly but that is how tired I am of problems and negativity and rude people. And to make matters even harder, today is Ash Wednesday and we are suppose to be kind to others. Well, year round actually, but to me, it is impossible now. I keep getting hurt by others, physically, mentally and emotionally.

how do you deal with problems that affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally?

#Depression #chronicnerves #SocialAnxiety #Diabetes #phobias

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Need your opinion on a shower routine time #chronicnerves #Depression #Shower

Hello and good morning or night everyone! 🤗

I have been reading articles about self-discipline online and still have more to read that I bookmarked, but my brain is tired and it hurts. So I want to ask you for your opinion on coming up with a shower routine.

I'm still not good at showering often. 🥴 I am thinking of having a scheduled routine for showering, but I don't know wether to shower in the morning or the afternoon. I go to bed early so showering at night is a no. I do wish I could shower at night though before bed. The earliest I've gone to bed is about 9:30 p.m.

Should I shower in the morning or afternoon? Or when?

To start small, how many times a week should I shower?

I was in a phase when I was showering often but I learned that I have to shower more than once a week or else my "laziness" gets harder for me to do so. On the other hand, I'm afraid to shower often that it will feel tiresome that I'll give up. (It happened.) Since my nerves and depression got worse, so has my showering. I hope this makes sense. Reading those articles drained me.

My dream is to shower daily but as some articles state, to start small. So how many times a week should I shower and what time of day? Any other tips is greatly appreciated.

Later and have a great day! 💖

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What should I do? #Disability #chronicnerves #Depression #Type2Diabetes

Hi everyone. It's been long time no chat.

I was receiving SSI help because of my chronic nerves, depression and diabetes. I had to do an interview again for SSI but my lousy doctors said I "am able to work." WHAT THE HECK?! I have the worst doctors and I even checked online and they hve a bad rating. So because of them, I failed and now am going through my first appeal. The letter I got denying help got my mom and I so upset! Our nerves were triggered so badly and i burst into tears. The phycologist who interviewed me did mention in the letter "sensitivity" but that's it?

My family and I are going to change doctors after we get this settled...I miss my old phychiatrist. He recommended me I could get help but now he is retired. What should I do?

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How can I get myself into the shower? 😬

Good morning! 🌤

This is humiliating, but I need to ask something. Because of my illnesses, I have no motivation at all and it's hard for me. For one, the hardest for me is to shower and often. I always get exhausted by the end of the shower and feel dizzy. I love the idea of being clean, I even wash my hands often even way before this pandemic started because I was raised to be clean. I even tried motivating myself by watching Youtube videos of people lathering their hair but nope.

How can I get myself to shower and not be afraid to get exhausted? There were times I haven't showered for like 4 months. My psychiatrist at the time told me, "If you don't feel like showering, don't shower." But I know I have to eventually. Any advice? 😬 #CheckInWithMe #chronicnerves #chronic depression #phobias #fears