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Need your opinion on a shower routine time #chronicnerves #Depression #Shower

Hello and good morning or night everyone! 🤗

I have been reading articles about self-discipline online and still have more to read that I bookmarked, but my brain is tired and it hurts. So I want to ask you for your opinion on coming up with a shower routine.

I'm still not good at showering often. 🥴 I am thinking of having a scheduled routine for showering, but I don't know wether to shower in the morning or the afternoon. I go to bed early so showering at night is a no. I do wish I could shower at night though before bed. The earliest I've gone to bed is about 9:30 p.m.

Should I shower in the morning or afternoon? Or when?

To start small, how many times a week should I shower?

I was in a phase when I was showering often but I learned that I have to shower more than once a week or else my "laziness" gets harder for me to do so. On the other hand, I'm afraid to shower often that it will feel tiresome that I'll give up. (It happened.) Since my nerves and depression got worse, so has my showering. I hope this makes sense. Reading those articles drained me.

My dream is to shower daily but as some articles state, to start small. So how many times a week should I shower and what time of day? Any other tips is greatly appreciated.

Later and have a great day! 💖

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Why don’t I want to shower? I don’t do anything, so I don’t get dirty or smell. I just can’t or don’t feel like going there. I love it when I do shower

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Shower avoidance

Today I cannot help but think of how hard I find it to shower and take proper care of my physical self on days and weeks when I have fallen into a funk. Sometimes it is just because I am too sad or lack the energy to bother. Other times, especially lately, I tell myself there is no point, I am not going anywhere. I can just sit here in my stink! Most of the time though, I get distracted. I tell myself that there are other things I want to do, and I will get around to it later that day. But then, it will be two days later, and I am itchy and greesy and in obvious need, and I STILL won't want to get clean. It is confusing for me because I LIKE to feel good about myself. I enjoy blow dried hair, and soft skin, and a face that doesn't look cared for. But I can't convince myself it is worth the energy. So I sit and play a game, or I write, or I play with my dog, or clean, or watch and scroll, or study, or organize. Sometimes I cook. Anything to avoid the physical care of myself.

Eventually I will force myself in. I will give myself the 20-60 minutes it take me to shower and get dressed, and I WILL feel better. Great in fact. My energy will often be restored and I get a burst of motivation that drives me for the rest of the day.

I don't understand why I resist that feeling so much. Why I convince myself that I should avoid making myself feel good. Especially when it really takes so little effort, and only a small amount of time. Is there a deeper underlying cause? Or am I just too lazy most days?

#Shower #Selfcare #Lazy #Motivation #why #Depression #ADHD #ADHDInGirls

Or maybe it is #COVID19 blues. Why dress up when you have nowhere to go?


Shower 🚿 Misery 😩 #Shower #Showerless

If cold 🥶 hurts you like it does me, try putting a small electric heater in the bathroom. That way, when you step out of the warm shower, you're not hit with a wall 🧱 of cold. It has really made my showers a little easier to handle. And I shower more than once a week now too. 🙂

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My Win

Didn't have picture of me. Sorry. My Win! I took a shower last night. I hadden had one in very long time. #Shower



Do you ever just take a shower as hot as it can possibly get and wait for everything to wash away… The pain, the sorrow, the hurt, being Used... just all of it. #Shower #Pain #hurt #thissucks #howToHeal


#Shower Falls

I use a shower chair, so my risk of falls is less. I also bring a life alert with me into the shower.