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    Why don’t I want to shower? I don’t do anything, so I don’t get dirty or smell. I just can’t or don’t feel like going there. I love it when I do shower

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    Shower avoidance

    Today I cannot help but think of how hard I find it to shower and take proper care of my physical self on days and weeks when I have fallen into a funk. Sometimes it is just because I am too sad or lack the energy to bother. Other times, especially lately, I tell myself there is no point, I am not going anywhere. I can just sit here in my stink! Most of the time though, I get distracted. I tell myself that there are other things I want to do, and I will get around to it later that day. But then, it will be two days later, and I am itchy and greesy and in obvious need, and I STILL won't want to get clean. It is confusing for me because I LIKE to feel good about myself. I enjoy blow dried hair, and soft skin, and a face that doesn't look cared for. But I can't convince myself it is worth the energy. So I sit and play a game, or I write, or I play with my dog, or clean, or watch and scroll, or study, or organize. Sometimes I cook. Anything to avoid the physical care of myself.

    Eventually I will force myself in. I will give myself the 20-60 minutes it take me to shower and get dressed, and I WILL feel better. Great in fact. My energy will often be restored and I get a burst of motivation that drives me for the rest of the day.

    I don't understand why I resist that feeling so much. Why I convince myself that I should avoid making myself feel good. Especially when it really takes so little effort, and only a small amount of time. Is there a deeper underlying cause? Or am I just too lazy most days?

    #Shower #Selfcare #Lazy #Motivation #why #Depression #ADHD #ADHDInGirls

    Or maybe it is #COVID19 blues. Why dress up when you have nowhere to go?


    Shower 🚿 Misery 😩 #Shower #Showerless

    If cold 🥶 hurts you like it does me, try putting a small electric heater in the bathroom. That way, when you step out of the warm shower, you're not hit with a wall 🧱 of cold. It has really made my showers a little easier to handle. And I shower more than once a week now too. 🙂


    Shower #Shower #Depression

    I know it's not much but I took a shower and washed my hair.

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    My Win

    Didn't have picture of me. Sorry. My Win! I took a shower last night. I hadden had one in very long time. #Shower



    Do you ever just take a shower as hot as it can possibly get and wait for everything to wash away… The pain, the sorrow, the hurt, being Used... just all of it. #Shower #Pain #hurt #thissucks #howToHeal

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    How do I explain to my boyfriend I’m to exhausted to shower even tho I haven’t done anything? #tired #Shower #Pain #ouch

    #Lupus #Pain #ItHurts #ItsExhausting #exhaustion


    #Shower Falls

    I use a shower chair, so my risk of falls is less. I also bring a life alert with me into the shower.


    Anyone else struggle with showering? #Depression

    I feel so embarrassed that I can’t get myself to shower, I don’t know what it is but I just can’t. I stand there staring at it and always end up giving up and going back to bed, I get “depression hair” hair so bad my hair is one huge knot. Any tips to actually get in the shower. Not the bs “just do it” #Depression #Shower #Selfcare #hygeine