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Hypersensitivity#Anxiety #fears #Depression

I found out the real reason of my anxiety,fears and depression. I would like to help to all beautiful people. Let’s make it together ❤️🌳

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Hypersensitivity #Anxiety #Depression #fears

My dear hypersensitive friends,let’s make it together. I always wondered is hypersensitivity a blessing or a curse and I found it out. Let’s help to each other 🌳

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Help with work anxiety

:) I am at a new job and usually struggle to find or keep employment, so far everyone is nice and the training is better than at other places, but guess don’t want to feel alone in my struggles hiding my mental health at the workplace, maybe eventually I can reach out for help if they are accommodating, they offer some mental health supports partnerships so I’m incredibly lucky. Thanks for any tips and sharing your own story or struggles with work anxiety.

😊🙂🙂💕🙏 💼



#Newjob #Anxiety #coping #Trying #Hardwork #DoingMyBest #Hope #New #Life #struggles #Selflove #patience #growing #selfImprovement #resillience #Work #WorkAnxiety #Job #Brave #fears #Journaling #tryingtoovercomefears #SocialAnxiety #Coworkers #Nice #positive #positiveexperience

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I am about to be abandoned. It is something that is going to happen to all of the inner circle to teach us a lesson. before coming back…

He knows about my abandonment issues. He already emotionally distanced himself. Physical is next where he will be gone for at least a month where he won’t talk to us. So we can see what it is truly like without him, since we all took him for granted.

I am already on the verge of panic. I will be so very alone. Everything is my fault. This is what happens when I trust people and open up. I cannot breathe.

At least I got a warning by someone else, otherwise it would have been soooo much worse…..and it is going to be bad enough.

He knows this is my worst fear, him leaving.

#Abandoned #fears #alone #panic #PanicAttacks #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson #Crying

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My mini “temper tantrum” #CPTSD #Anxiety #Depression #fears

#CPTSD This is kind of a rant, vent, "temper-tantrum"post, that is just me unloading, and joking around, being a little sarcastic. It may sound dark or depressing as a forewarning, but it is all in good humor, and I know I will overcome my current situation, and continue on the path of healing. For now though, I will complain lol.
I am an over thinker, I am a worrier, I have C-PTSD, most of my trauma, and problems that stem from it are relational. It is rather debilitating at times but they say that is just life. Basically I pay attention to what people say and the way they say it, what they do, facial expressions, body language, smells, and a million other meaningless little things, rather I want to or not. I am guessing it is a way that my trauma brain, and arch enemy known as "Amygdala" look out for dangerous situations, people, and relationships. My brain just noticing is only part 1, part 2 is drawing conclusions that are highly improbable maybe even impossible, or making connections where there are none just to keep me prepared and on my toes for of course the only REAL possible outcome, which is known as "The worst case scenario happening, and then a piano falling on my head from the sky just like a cartoon, because why not?". One of the many ways my good ole Dala (amygdala for short, so I don't have to spell it over and over) tries her damnedest to keep me nice, secure, and safe from that scenario is by throwing me into survival mode the moment any small sign of danger shows itself. What are some warning signs of danger? Well, actually every "sign" is a warning sign with a big imagination and NO CHILL like me. This "safe" little survival mode space Dala created for me feels kind of like a quaint, cozy, little box that is very reminiscent of a medieval torture device. Yes that little "box" is apparently the best attempt Dala has at making me a nice, safe, protected space. You know, this metaphorical "box" trauma thrusts me into in the event of an "emergency" (the amygdala has a pretty loose definition for emergency too) actually has another thing in common with those inhumane lil medieval torture devices, besides being terrifying, causing pain, and being ineffective. The "box" much like Medieval torture devices, seems to punish without prejudice. Guilty? Cool, let's do something sadistic, unhelpful, and uncalled for to you. Innocent? Very cool, you ESPECIALLY get a sadistic, super unhelpful, extra-unwarranted sentence to the box!!!
I know some of the people that will read this (if any read this ridiculously long post) know exactly what I am talking about, and have felt it before, some probably are feeling it. I'm sorry if it was a depressing read, but I just wanted to vent, and be sassy lol. I know there is hope, and light at the end of the tunnel, I know we can all find a path to healing, and no matter how difficult that path can be at times, that we all have the strength and ability to walk it, and finish it. We got this 👏

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How can I get myself into the shower? 😬

Good morning! 🌤

This is humiliating, but I need to ask something. Because of my illnesses, I have no motivation at all and it's hard for me. For one, the hardest for me is to shower and often. I always get exhausted by the end of the shower and feel dizzy. I love the idea of being clean, I even wash my hands often even way before this pandemic started because I was raised to be clean. I even tried motivating myself by watching Youtube videos of people lathering their hair but nope.

How can I get myself to shower and not be afraid to get exhausted? There were times I haven't showered for like 4 months. My psychiatrist at the time told me, "If you don't feel like showering, don't shower." But I know I have to eventually. Any advice? 😬 #CheckInWithMe #chronicnerves #chronic depression #phobias #fears


The Good Ol’ Abandonment Push-Away

My fear got the best of me again. I’ve been feeling empty since this morning and it’s all behind the fear of me getting hurt again. I instantly felt that I needed to protect myself again. My guard is up and I don’t feel like opening up again. My fears of being left again have caused be to sabotage things and I’m fully aware that I’m doing this. My low self esteem has caused me to over think about my relationships with people and I often feel like I’m not worthy of anyone’s time and or energy. In my mind, I have to be the first to go and others would be better off without me. For many different reasons, I just want to avoid everyone. I’m continuously feeling like I’m being pushed off to the side. I’m better off in the dark at this point. #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FearOfAbandonment #pushingpeopleaway #fears

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A Dichotomy #CheckInWithMe

How can a girl who pushes her body to the limit with sport climbing also be one that is grappling with relapse?

It’s been a struggle and I’ve been hiding. I am ashamed. I am scared. I am wondering how to deal with the fear of relapse while still pushing forward in my life and doing activities that challenges me.

How are you? What is one thing you do to challenge your fears?

#Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Dysautonomia #rockclimbing #fears #Relapse