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Neurological side effects of biologic medication

I am looking for stories that the white papers don't tell, that stay between you and your doctor and never get reported. Comment of you have been on #Biologics and experienced neurological symptoms especially new chronic life-changing nerve pain.

1. Which biologic?
2. Related to COVID infection or no?
3. Did you stop taking it?
4. Did the side effect symptoms go away, if so?

I read something about the immune system being like a water bed. Nothing ever gets fully blocked, just displaced.

I am on #Stelara 90mg/4wks. I am concerned that my typical gastrointestinal inflammation just got redirected to neurological problems like neuropathy, autonomic dysregulation, weakness, fatigue and dizziness that made my life even harder than the Crohns did. I have been doing a lot of research and am asking my doctor if we can switch me off of it.

I was on Stelara about 8 months til I got COVID and its been downhill ever since. Went from teaching dance classes to walking with a cane in about a year.

Its hard to find this kind of story online. Maybe the comments on this post will help some confused people who are also having the same symptoms with #immunosuppressants -- hope we all feel better soon.

Also, I'm new to this app. Help me find my people! Say hi!

#AutoimmuneDisease #remicade #Humira #cimzia #rinvoq #anythingumab #RheumatoidArthritis #Psoriasis #PsoriaticArthritis #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #longcovid #ChronicFatigue #Neuropathy

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Cat Sitting for My parents

Having a cat around is very pleasant 😀 I originally was worried about this additional responsibility but she is so easy to take care of. I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas. Mine was really stressful (at least Christmas Eve was). My boyfriend Jon and I skipped a Secret Santa party because one of his friends tested positive for Covid. Although they weren’t going to the party, it was still going to held in their apartment complex. A lot of his friends were exposed to the positive person and I wasn’t comfortable. On Christmas Eve (2 days after the party) his friends began texting him to know why he was okay going to the 100 percent vaccinated (military required) army versus mizzou football game with my dad and I and not the secret santa party. I had posted about the football game a day prior. When Jon told them it was because of my condition, they wanted to know if it was always this bad. One of them remarked over text what a horrible way to live. I’m so frustrated with these people. The challenges of chronic illness. Not once did they reach out to me. Has anything similar happened to you guys? #Arthritis #immunocomprimised #cimzia