Isn't it amazing that we find out just how long we find we were falling before we hit the #bottom ? My 1st mental health group #Therapy educated myself and the others in the group about #Depression itself and its components. Regardless of where each of us were, the therapist was able to #validate our concerns and connect with each of us. When I addressed my concerns with my PCP that I thought I had #ChronicFatigueSyndrome multiple times over the past 18 months, it was attributed to #PTSD and #Stress but never #Depression or #Anxiety . My therapist and group leader is planning to address this with my PCP. I didn't have to get this sick, I didn't have to become this #numb , I didn't need to have #si for my medical team to pay attention. But I did, and now, I speak to anyone who will listen. Get help, find someone to listen, #advocate for yourself and others.

Now, I fight for #short -termdisability coverage because mental health is not considered an eligible #coverage concern. This is why people are afraid to get the help they so desperately need. I am the primary source of income for my family but I cannot afford to make mistakes at work or a pet will suffer or worse, die. I will not go back to work until the doctor gives me the green light. I have to take care of me 1st, I owe it to myself and my children.