I did too much around the house yesterday! & you know how far we get behind sometimes; so when we feel good, we over -do it. Yep, I did this to myself.

#Fibrofatigue #fibroflare #Fibromyalgia #Depression #BPD #ChronicIllness #neuro-fatigue #Fatigue #damnpantsandresponsibilities #Adulting #adultingsucks #ChronicPain

Here's my rant:

Feeling guilty for not getting everything done. Feeling guilty for feeling good & seeing to my responsibilities. Feeling guilty for feeling guilty!
To top it off I have to actually leave the house for my shrink appointment and then pharmacy for medication refills & head to the store to pick up some things... oh, the horrible errands! On the bright side, no one can read my facial expressions as well with a mask on... & thank goodness! I'm hurting & a scowl seems to have settled in for the day.

I just want to change into my jammies & head back to bed! GRRRRR! Adulting sucks! All those hashtags above suck!