So I’ll be clear, I have not yet been diagnosed with crps. I have contacted several neurologists so hopefully I can get in. I’ve had pain for several years, started in my abdomen. I thought I ruptured my gallbladder, and after years of ct scans, ultrasounds, and x-rays. My pain cycled on and off for 2 1/2 years. Right around New Years my pain that I believed to be from gallbladder has spread to the rest of my abdomen, and back, and top of right leg. I had parasthesia that traveled up my back, and spread to my arms, and right leg. I saw another doctor in April, was prescribed gabapentin, which lessened the pain, never completely went away. By mid July, my pain had came back to exactly to how I remembered it over the winter. Over the last 3 weeks, the pain now feels worse than ever before. Pain has spread to my left leg now, I feel like I’m constantly burning all over my body all day, I upped my dosage of gapapentin, and now I’m also on cbd oil and gummies, as well as magnesium and vitamin b12, as well as ipuprofen, tylonel, and aspirin. Absolutely none of these work. know spend most of my life in bed. I had plans to start nursing school in October. Now I lay in bed at my parents house. I’m 24, unemployed, single, and very depressed. I see all my peers in relationships, careers, and moving on. This pain has made me extremely hopeless that those dreams will never come true to me. I feel this pain has ended my life, I feel I will never be able to achieve any goal ever again. I feel like I’ll always feel like I’ll be constantly on fire all the time. This is no way to live the rest of my life. I see absolutely no hope whatsoever. I’d end my life before living another 55 years with this pain. I really need advice please. # pain #depsessed #hopeless #Depression #Misery #Pain #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #SuicidalThoughts