I had such a good morning, went to bio rehab ready to work. We did balance today, not my easiest. It's hard when you realise that you cannot feel any sensory input from you leg. It frustrating when something so simple seems so incredibly difficult to do because your leg can't feel or sense how. It's mentally exhausting having to think a limb to move in a way you know it can, because there is no problem with motor function. About an hour after bio my whole spine from cervical to lumbar and inbetween has flared into Neural burning, pain and stiffness. It just so frustrating to want to work hard to have a better future and to enhance yourself in order for you not to get worse and somehow to ge punished by your own body for trying to help it. I know tomorrow will be better and I know I will get up and go on and try again. But right now it sucks! To anyone else whose trying and feeling like they are failing, I'm thinking of you and sending hugs! It makes me think of Nightbirde song It's OK. Right now I'm just a little lost and that's ok. #Pain #Disappointed #frustrated #nervepain #peripheralsensoryneuropathy #discherniations #balanceissues #icandothis #healingjourney