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Suddenly Stopping EMDR Therapy Due to COVID.

therapists can use their finger or a dot to go back and forth to process tarma, if you're not easily distracted. If you're like me, you need the hand buzzers that buzz to one hand to another. Due to COVID I had to suddenly stop EMDR therapy, something therapists don't recommend. The isolation in of itself can hurt your mental health but its needed to live, going through EMDR and having a mental illness can be hard. EMDR helps process trauma but suddenly stopping EMDR in mid process is scary. I couldn't stop having very extreme anxiety BUT THE PANIC, the panic I have because of suddenly stopping is rough. I respect anyone with a neurological, physical, or mental illnesses. You guys are tough. I've found how to counteract the anxiety for me, I've been exercising everyday but Sunday to relax my body and drink chamomile tea. (This just works for me, this is not to be taken as medical advice because I'm no doctor) stay strong, just take one day at a time

#Anxiety #PanicAttacks #emdrtherapy #StayStrong #JustBreathe #Dontgivein #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #donttakedownmypostfornoreasonplease #anxietyawareness #nottobetakenasmedicaladvice


My head

My headed is clouded , my mind races as depression and anxiety sleeps through every part of my well being . I feel like releasing all my depression into my veins , I feel like opening my veins and watching blood pour on the floor as I grasp for my last breathe. I feel as if the earth shakes beneath me as if I’m meant to fall through. My mind races miles a minute with no escape of this twisted reality . Is this a safe place , is this what life is really meant to be . Am I meant to let go , am I meant to give up and forget I even existed. I believe in god and I believe he’s not the cause of this , I know he’s not , the devil wants to take my life and I can’t allow him to do that . I can’t allow the walls to come crumbling down I know I have two feet to stand in and empowerment I’ve never seen in anything else . I know I can move mountains with my story . After 5 years of running from the same person and still facing it today it’s not easy, running for my life , he kicks my door in puts a knife to my throat and holds me in front of a mirror , he tells me to watch as he has the knife to my throat with his hand on my forehead , I can’t escape , my heart didn’t race once I smiled and told him to do it . I prayed that day god saved me . God is faithful and even thought I feel as if tonight may be my last I know my battle isn’t over yet . I know I’m strong as strong as all of you . - Ally’s thoughts- #Allysthoughts #Thesimplethings #Lifewasntmadetobeeasy #dontgiveup #Dontgivein