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Suddenly Stopping EMDR Therapy Due to COVID.

therapists can use their finger or a dot to go back and forth to process tarma, if you're not easily distracted. If you're like me, you need the hand buzzers that buzz to one hand to another. Due to COVID I had to suddenly stop EMDR therapy, something therapists don't recommend. The isolation in of itself can hurt your mental health but its needed to live, going through EMDR and having a mental illness can be hard. EMDR helps process trauma but suddenly stopping EMDR in mid process is scary. I couldn't stop having very extreme anxiety BUT THE PANIC, the panic I have because of suddenly stopping is rough. I respect anyone with a neurological, physical, or mental illnesses. You guys are tough. I've found how to counteract the anxiety for me, I've been exercising everyday but Sunday to relax my body and drink chamomile tea. (This just works for me, this is not to be taken as medical advice because I'm no doctor) stay strong, just take one day at a time

#Anxiety #PanicAttacks #emdrtherapy #StayStrong #JustBreathe #Dontgivein #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #donttakedownmypostfornoreasonplease #anxietyawareness #nottobetakenasmedicaladvice

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https://V.E Day 75th Anniversary #good morning #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Mightys

Today is a National holiday in the UK
Because it is https://V.E day the 75th Anniversary.
We may still be in lockdown but we can still celebrate the occasion.
Victory in Europe

Remember they spent over 4 years in a strange lockdown.
After the first World War there was Spanish flu. That sent the world into lockdown just like we are doing now.

Each time we came out and Triumph the Evil.
Just like we will this time.
Have heart
Never give in
We will win
We will beat it this time round Too.

Love n hugs Tj
#Commpassion #Love #Hugs #checkonyourneighbours #VE75thAnniversary #HangOnInThere #MightyTogether #NeverAlone #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #LoveandCompassion #Bekind #loveyourself #ActsOfKindness #HaveHeart #Stayinghome #staysafe

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More Twinning's Tea anyone! #JustforMary #TwinningTea

A carry on from Tea Chat from yesterday

Oh we talk about just about anything on here dont we 😁😁😁🤣

This is My Twinning's Tea at the moment Mary.
No normal black tea just special teas. But my the buttermint is lush. 😋😋😋😋😋 its peppermint but tastes like toffee.

Enjoy your day

Love hugs and kisses Tj

Cheers enjoy your Tipple of Tea

#tea #coffee #Tipple #Chatspace #Talkingchatting #Joininwithus #Becomingfriends #Ventorrant #Bekind #compassion #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #loveyourselves #Tj #checkonyourneighbours #lovingkindness #HavingaChat #SpaceForYou #TeaOrCoffee #TeaParty #TwinningsTea

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How can she have #Anxiety when...

This photo is one of the most important I have ever had taken of me, it’s the biggest educator in my anxiety journey. I’ve made it somewhat of a crusade to shut down the “How can they have anxiety when they...” conversations. you have all heard them. When people question others anxiety because they show up at the school gates each morning, or they go shopping at a supermarket, or in the above case, they have a speech in front of a hundred teenagers.

You see, I can do that without fear, without batting an eyelid. Teaching is my safe place. You ask me to answer a phone, go outside in the dark, park in a busy car park or travel on a busy train and I will likely hyperventilate (my Fitbit is reading 97bpm just thinking of them)

Everyone experiences anxiety differently. Stressors and reactions. I have never sweated a job interview or public speaking, but I am unable to make a phone call. Please do not question something in others that you have no way of understanding. We can all be a little kinder.
#Anxiety #Anxiety #Bekind #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee


Invisible disabilities week

Hi I’m Steph & I have fibromyalgia.
You can’t see it. I have two normal looking arms, two normal looking legs and a normal looking back. I wear makeup, wash my hair, dress ok (I think) I even go to work. I can walk. Sometimes miles, sometimes steps. You can’t see my pain. You can’t see my chronic fatigue (no I’m not “just” tired) insomnia, restless legs, night sweats, irregular temperature gage, hyper sensitivity, allergies, anxiety, migraine, chronic pain, but I have them all.
Most people, even my friends and family, scroll past my fibromyalgia related posts because it’s deemed “negative” or “attention seeking” to bang on about something less favourable than a night out or a cute kid pic. Truth is that negativity is our reality and you can’t even see it to believe it.
We need you to believe us in order to raise awareness of our condition and the THOUSANDS of other invisible disabilities that aren’t seen but ARE real!
My disabled badge doesn’t prove my disability. I still get judged if I use it to park in a disabled space. I get judged for not being as bad as others, and then for being worse than some. Please help me, not necessarily by sharing this post or liking it even, but by believing me.
#invisibledisabilities #Fibromyalgia #IDW18 #makinginvisibleillnessesvisible #makingfibromyalgiavisible #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #disabilitiesarentalwaysphysical #MentalHealthAwareness #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek2018