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    Recurring Dream

    I just woke up from another dream with a very similar theme to what I've been experiencing the six months or so. The common theme is my parents (and occasionally my sister) invading my privacy. Typically, the situations have involved taking a shower, using the toilet, or getting dressed...so situations where I might be naked or revealing private areas of my body. Sometimes in the dream, I find myself shouting or even screaming at them to get out, to go away, to let me do the activity in peace. But they don't even react and just double down on being there sometimes referring to their "right" to be there.
    I'm a little afraid to explore what my dreams might be telling me, and I don't know where to start. For context, I haven't really been in contact with my parents for 1.5 years. I briefly saw them about 8 months ago. Would it benefit me in any way to dig into these dreams, or should I just let them be?

    #dreams #dreaminterpretation #dreamanalysis #Childhood #Family #Parents #Privacy #Abuse #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma

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