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New Book to Help Empower Children at Bath Time

Bathing is a highly sensory experience, and children who are sensory sensitive and/or seeking can benefit from a regulating bath routine, especially when the experience is infused with calming strategies. Regulating in the bath will promote a positive bath time experience and prime the child’s nervous system for a restful, “just right” feeling.

We are excited to announce the launch of our second book, King Takes a Bath, where Ben helps King navigate his first tubby.

After a day of working hard, playing, and getting dirty in the garden, King, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, is nervous about taking a bath. King’s best friend, Ben, a boy with sensory sensitivities, shares the tools he’s learned in occupational therapy (OT) to help King overcome his fear and anxiety. In the end, King is sparkling clean and so happy that Ben helped him stay calm during his first bath time! Now they are both ready to chill out with a relaxing cuddle and their favorite story!

Whether a child benefits from OT-specific strategies or from learning by successfully regulating unfamiliar experiences, this book can support all children as they navigate new adventures.

Check out the book, FREE activities and other resources on our website www.kingsdayout.com.

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New children's book series to help kiddos with sensory processing challenges.

Introducing "King's Day Out ~ The Car Wash" by Dr. Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L and Maggie van Galen, award-winning children's book author.

When a boy with sensory processing challenges and his puppy have their sense tested at the car wash, the tools learned in OT help them overcome their fears and anxieties to ensure a fun day out.

Whether a child benefits from OT specific strategies or simply from learning about coping with an unfamiliar experience, this book can support all children as they navigate new adventures.

The King’s Day Out book series is designed to be a resource for all children, families, schools and pediatric medical professionals. These books will provide concrete examples of common tools used to support children at home, in the classroom and in the world.

The goal is to empower children as they navigate life's adventures.

#SensoryProcessingDisorder #SensoryProcessingIssues #Dup15q #fragilex #OccupationalTherapy