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    New Book to Help Empower Children at Bath Time

    Bathing is a highly sensory experience, and children who are sensory sensitive and/or seeking can benefit from a regulating bath routine, especially when the experience is infused with calming strategies. Regulating in the bath will promote a positive bath time experience and prime the child’s nervous system for a restful, “just right” feeling.

    We are excited to announce the launch of our second book, King Takes a Bath, where Ben helps King navigate his first tubby.

    After a day of working hard, playing, and getting dirty in the garden, King, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, is nervous about taking a bath. King’s best friend, Ben, a boy with sensory sensitivities, shares the tools he’s learned in occupational therapy (OT) to help King overcome his fear and anxiety. In the end, King is sparkling clean and so happy that Ben helped him stay calm during his first bath time! Now they are both ready to chill out with a relaxing cuddle and their favorite story!

    Whether a child benefits from OT-specific strategies or from learning by successfully regulating unfamiliar experiences, this book can support all children as they navigate new adventures.

    Check out the book, FREE activities and other resources on our website

    #sensoryprocessing #SensoryProcessingDisorder #Autism #Dup15q #Selfregulation #empoweringchildren #Neurodiversity #OccupationalTherapy #pediatricot

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    Building Muscles & Self Esteem in Kiddos

    Fun & Functional Heavy Work You Can Do At Home! Every child has their own unique way of viewing and interacting with the world. This includes individualized responses to sensory information. Basically, everyone reacts differently to the “stuff” life throws at them. Children with sensory processing challenges often need a special sensory diet to help their bodies find that just-right engine. These activities can help all children and adults too!

    Check out Dr. Amy Wheadon's latest blog:

    #sensoryprocessing #OccupationalTherapy #empowering #SensoryIssues


    Neurodiversity and body experiences

    Hi there, I'm new to this group, so I'll start by saying hello! It's nice to have found this community!

    I have a question about my son which maybe some of you might be able to help me with.

    My son is 8 and we're in the process of doing an ASD assessment with him. I strongly suspect that he's on the spectrum.

    One thing I'm trying to get my head around is the link between neurodiversity and the experience of your own body. It's hard to explain what I mean but my son is very afraid of his own bodily sensations. For example, he gets scared when he coughs or when he feels hungry. He also has a phobia of vomiting, and even something like belching can trigger an anxiety attack because it makes him scared that he's going to vomit.

    Recently he's started refusing to participate in sport at school because he's scared he's going to cough or vomit.

    I just wonder whether anyone has any experience with these sorts of sensations or advice about how to help him? #Autism #sensoryprocessing #Autistic #autismandthebody #neurodiverse #sensoryexperiences #FearOfVomiting

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    I’m new here

    I’m here for more support and understanding for #ADHD #Anxiety #Grief #sensoryprocessing #Childhoodtrauma


    Finally compiling a master list of traits

    I'm finally mustering up the courage to create a master list of all the reasons I suspect I might be autistic. Doing so has given me the bravery to even write that sentence even on a platform where I'm an anonymous stranger.

    Maybe if I'd started this earlier, I would've saved myself a year or more of obsessing, but maybe that time was necessary to finally prepare myself to do this. I've got a therapy break for the summer while I'm living out of the country, but I'm hoping that by the end of the summer my list will be in a state that I feel alright with giving to my therapist. The fear that I'll be told that everything is just my OCD is strong and horrible, but the more I hear others' stories and reflect on my own life, the more certain I am that I'm at least in the ballpark of correct.

    So far I only have an explanation of how I got to this point as well as a list of sensory issues and stims, and I think that documenting the other things like social experiences, childhood habits and such (the stuff I'm less rock solid certain about) will be emotionally exhausting. But I'll keep working on this bit by bit, and it's in Google Docs so I can add to it any time another piece of evidence occurs to me even if that's in the middle of my work day or while I'm at the grocery store.

    I hope this winds up being a good thing. If anyone wants to share their story with me in a comment, especially other adult diagnosed women, I think that might raise my confidence :)

    #Autism #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #SocialAnxiety #Diagnosis #SelfDiagnosis #sensoryprocessing


    Any advice or help for helping son with #Autism #SensoryIntegration #sensoryprocessing #SuperMom

    Hi I'm new here. I am a mom of two handsome boys and a stepmother to a boy and girl. Alittle about me is my youngest biological son is a smart talented and special 6 year old. He has sensory processing/integration disorder, a speech delay, developmental delay and is going through the process of seeing if he has autism as well. He is such a amazing boy who has so much energy love and compassion. He is extremely smart and grasps onto things very quickly. He is able to complete up to 200 piece puzzles without any assistance and loves doing anything educational or learning related. He is loved by anyone who comes into contact with him. He is sensitive to loud noises and can be easily over stimulated. He tends to get frustrated when he is not understood due to him not being able to produce most words or he will create his own words for stuff. For example he calls all my cats by his own names for them " mittens is mackey and max is puppup. Another example is he will call YouTube "book". He kind of made up his own language for stuff. When he has a meltdown anything and everything will set him off whether it be someone walking into same room ad him If someone talks or touches him etc. He has to be left alone so he can calm himself down and once he settles down he will comeback to playing as normal or to be with preferred person he is around. Usually is me. He has a extremely close bond with me and is very attached to me. Don't get me wrong he loves his dad but when it comes to anything he needs or loves cuddles if he gets hurt etc he's all about mom. He's like my little sidekick :)he loves to help out when I bake or cook loves school and loves to do anything hands on. Any advice to help me out that'll b great he is alot to handle especially when in middle of a meltdown wich happens often due to he is super sensitive to anything said or done near him. I love my son he's amazing wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I also have a 11year old with adhd but that's a different story. My 2 stepchildren are great helpers and are very supportive of this all. #Sensory processing disorder #SuperMom # autism #Never give up


    Anyone have OCD about being neurodivergent? #OCD #obsessivethoughts #neurodivergent #sensoryprocessing #Hypochondria

    TL;DR: People with OCD, have you ever developed obsessive thoughts about being neurodivergent (like autistic or sensory problems)? How did you figure out whether you were actually ND or if the obsession was totally made up? Please read my whole post before responding if possible, thanks

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    I just wanted to introduction myself to The Mighty! Very happy to be here.

    I am a children’s book author and have recently co authored a book with Dr. Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L. The book, "King’s Day Out - The Car Wash."

    This book is in a series about empowering children with sensory processing challenges. Ben uses strategies he learned in OT to help his best friend King successfully participate in everyday adventures.

    #sensoryprocessing #MightyTogether


    Oops can't speak right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Today I went to a ginormous international grocery store. It was really cool but also incredibly overwhelming. The sensory overload was probably the worst of my life. Maybe worth it but also oof ow my absolute neurons (I've been scrombled) (to all the boomers and gen x on this app, I'm so sorry) (please forgive this spiky 20yo who speaketh in memes). For the rest of the day I've been finding that I'm struggling to talk normally? Like when I'm speaking with people, I can't get a handle on a normal speaking rhythm, can't grasp conversational flow, just simply do not know how to do the talking thing. (My ability to write, however, is normal.) This in itself is not a distressing experience. And it's not the only time I've felt this, it's just particularly notable this time. The only distressing thing is knowing that I might seem weird to others for the sudden loss of basic verbal communication skills. (Wow I really just love how We Live In A Society.)

    Just wanted to share my experience and curious if anyone else relates. Fwiw I'm questioning if I'm neurodivergent. Skepticism from previous MH providers plus OCD make it really really hard for me to figure out what's going on or even bring it up with a professional (like seriously I can't verbalize any of my thoughts about maybe being ND out loud to my new therapist), but sometimes things like these happen and I'm like "wow NT people probably don't experience this do they." I'm definitely obsessing about my brain architecture so if there is anyone who relates, please feel free to share. I think it'd make me feel better.

    #SensoryOverload #sensorysensitivity #sensoryprocessing #OCD #neurodivergent (maybe fkgksjd who knows I am made of doubt and am very sorry if using this hashtag is incorrect and offensive to anyone) #SocialAnxiety


    Uhhhh sensory overload

    It is too hot to sleep, but the sound of my fan has recently become a trigger for my auditory sensitivities. Love when that happens in the middle of a scorching summer in a place where residential buildings have no AC.

    This particular sound makes me feel like a dozen people are talking to me at once, all urgently needing things, but I have something very important that I am also trying to do. I feel crowded and harried and dehumanized, I guess. It's such a weird mental reaction to have to a simple sound. Not my choice though.

    Y'all, how am I supposed to sleep when the only thing keeping me from unbearably hot stagnant air is causing me sensory overwhelm?? Blocking my ears isn't enough. I can still hear it.

    Would love to know if anyone relates to this particular feeling as part of sensory overwhelm. Would also love to know if anyone has suggestions for making it suck less. I hate it. Aaaaaaaaahhhh.

    #SensoryOverload #sensoryprocessing #Insomnia