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New Book to Help Empower Children at Bath Time

Bathing is a highly sensory experience, and children who are sensory sensitive and/or seeking can benefit from a regulating bath routine, especially when the experience is infused with calming strategies. Regulating in the bath will promote a positive bath time experience and prime the child’s nervous system for a restful, “just right” feeling.

We are excited to announce the launch of our second book, King Takes a Bath, where Ben helps King navigate his first tubby.

After a day of working hard, playing, and getting dirty in the garden, King, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, is nervous about taking a bath. King’s best friend, Ben, a boy with sensory sensitivities, shares the tools he’s learned in occupational therapy (OT) to help King overcome his fear and anxiety. In the end, King is sparkling clean and so happy that Ben helped him stay calm during his first bath time! Now they are both ready to chill out with a relaxing cuddle and their favorite story!

Whether a child benefits from OT-specific strategies or from learning by successfully regulating unfamiliar experiences, this book can support all children as they navigate new adventures.

Check out the book, FREE activities and other resources on our website

#sensoryprocessing #SensoryProcessingDisorder #Autism #Dup15q #Selfregulation #empoweringchildren #Neurodiversity #OccupationalTherapy #pediatricot

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I’m hurting so much #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

There is this guy I'm in love with, and he loves me back. He broke up with his girlfriend recently but he didn't tell her that I'm in the picture. I am considering him as my boyfriend to prevent detachment as usually this is my pattern. I know he considers me as his girlfriend but his behavior doesn’t underpin this.

Now here is the thing. He still lives in the same household with his ex and waiting for her to move out. This would probably happen only in October. This bothers me a lot.

Now it came out that he and his ex had a reservation for a vacation and his ex-girlfriend didn't make the cancellation. Today they went on the vacation together so they wouldn't lose the money. This really hit me, and also the fact that they went to a place that I really wanted to visit.

Now I'm doing my best to control/regulate myself and not to have an outburst/episode, as recently I'm having one every other day, and I can get very angry over everything. Sometimes I ask myself if the level of anger seems to be more intense than it is warranted by the situation or event that triggered it.

Also I didn’t make plans for this weekend as I was hoping we would spend some time together but that’s not gonna happen as he is on a vacation with his ex...

It also upsets me that he didn’t say this to me in advance, but only when they arrived to the place .

I’m so tired of this.

I needed to mute his messages on my phone to avoid further triggers and to prevent myself telling him to f*ck off or lashing out.

Please don't judge me because of the situation. I just need to vent as my next therapy session is on Tuesday. I'm lonely and there is noone around, and I need to spend the three day long weekend alone.

I just can't believe he has done this to me, I'm hurting so much.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfregulation #hypersensitivity #Outbursts #Loneliness #Anxiety