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Any one been though this?

Hi guys just have a question about my last neurology appointment. So at my appointment she was doing the lay down and the sit and stand test for dysautonomia. My Primary care doctor did this before and my heart went from 60bpm to 125bpm.. i even did it at the ER and my bp and heart rate changed. But when the neurologist did it when I stood up she couldn't get a read on my heart rate or my blood pressure. (She also didn't wait a minute she took it immediately when I stood up bc I got dizzy) we tried this twice and each time I stood up she couldn't get my BP and my arm was turning like purple/blue so I sat down and everything was normal????? So she told me I passed. But she sent gave me a referral for the table tilt test. Any one else gone through this before???

She was also telling me that we could be catching he beginning/start of an autoimmune disease. I had tested positive for ANA. But my rheumatologist ER doctors and my previous primary care doctor (well my primary care also thinks it might be an auto immune disease and dysautonomia) believed it was dysautonomia. Then the neurologist also kept saying its long covid or some long viral thing after covid. But I don't think so bc this happened in end of November start of December and I was legit fine. Just feeling frustrated and this is indeed a long tiring journey of feeling ill.

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Does higher altitude make pots symptoms worse? May have to move to Denver, Co and I was wondering how that could impact my health. #

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