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Train your Eyes

Whether you have a chronic illness, emotional issue or any other struggles in life, it is very easy to feel defeated and to constantly see the ugliness of life. However, it is because our lives are full of trials and trepidations that it is vital that we train our eyes to see the beauty that surrounds us. Because my chronic illness has robbed me from many things I love, I intentionally look for ways to see beauty. I find beauty in writing, reading and taking photographs. Would you believe that the first thing I took a photo of (photography art in my mind) was a mold on the ground?🙈 For some reason, the mold intrigued me. There was something in the way it existed, the color and the shape, so I snapped a photo. After, I edited, it, no one would have been able to tell that it was a mold. I wish I had kept it. It would have been really amazing for you to see.

Anyway, moral of the story is, beauty surrounds us everyday. However, we need to be intentional and train our eyes to see them.
Here’s one for you all! #Beauty #MentalHealth #ArtTherapy #migrainesufferer #HemiplegicMigraine #warrior #dystoniawarrior #Dystonia #Serenity #ocean

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My “normal”

A healthy nervous/musculature system should should 0’s at rest. This is on a 1-3 scale, 3’s being the worst. This is me AT REST. The occipitalis they cannot measure with EMG which is why they show -.

At least my pain, discomfort, and neurological problem can be quantified and justify how Im feeling. I always feel bad for those with fibromyalgia. Although my condition and pain is invisible to the naked eye most days (the days when my posture isn’t completely locked up and twisted to the side), my doctor can confirm it with this test, unlike fibro.

Quantifying it only helps mentally - wish it helped with the actual pain. #ChronicPain #Dystonia #CervicalDystonia #Fibromyalgia
#ChronicIllness #dystoniawarrior


#Dear Mam

Dear Mam,
We love you. Se miss you. We dont know what to do .
Can anyone offer some advice on dealing with grief?
Thank you. This is really apreciated right now. Have you been there?What has helped you?
#CheckInWithMe #