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Listen to Autistics.

Autistics are the real Autism experts. Nothing about us without us. Listen to Autistic people.

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My #echolalia Word of The Day.

Being autism means that I'm probably going to be repeating a word for the whole weekend. Today it's backwards word of the day is, "Certainly."

I was learning about the word amen. Although it is used to work first and it is throughout the Bible it is not necessarily particularly holy. It's just to Hebrew for "Certainly."

Now I can't stop saying something I might get another word before the weekends over but that was it right now I don't see it going away anytime soon.



A long week

My days I've been up and down awake today or two and sleep a day or two.

I want a couple stories that got accepted for publishing of course my story of how I became a leader that's already been published.

I have another one coming on when I learn to think by reason rather than my feelings and imagination. Or this week sometime.

I wrote another on the world to get well but it's not even Monday yet and it's more a motivational than anything else I don't know if it will get accepted.

My mom's birthday was veterans day. I lost her to suicide in 2013 on November 24th. It wasn't Thanksgiving that year and it isn't Thanksgiving this year. Some years it is.

Normally I would be totally depressed. I spent well more thanksgivings in the hospital than not since 2002. It's the deepest the part of my depression in late November already December. And then my mom on top of that this last seven years.

I'm doing really well not to be depressed and I've had my doctor work with https://me.really working with me I never had a doctor see me as much as he's willing to. I haven't been severely depressed at all yet this year. I've had some dysphoria being up but cranking and dark thoughts. I haven't had any suicidal. Regular hypomania. I've had a good deal of anger but I haven't screwed anything up so I'm doing really good this year. I might not even have a servere depression. If my doctor stays on top of it like he has been. And I don't see why he won't.

hope my mouth hasn't been too much on here lately I've done really well, just have to watch the trashy mouth.

I've been really repetitive. My stims are going constantly.

Today I was talking about the movie Scarface. Somebody said the big quote from the movie.

I only tell you once. Don't you ever f..k me Tony. Don't you ever f..k me!

I've probably said it 150 200 times not exaggerating since about 9:00 this https://morning.if I could just forget about it... Love that movie and I love that line. That's the problem.

#Bipolar1Disorder #Autism #echolalia