I cannot tell you how irritated I am getting with people not paying attention to the guidelines, and not taking my own cues when I clearly step away from them over and over. If visual cues are added to floors, it will make them more likely to follow the guidelines because it shows that the business is taking the virus seriously, and that NOT distancing yourself is unacceptable at this time. PLEASE do your part if you have ANYthing to do with businesses still dealing with the public. If you are just an employee, show this post to your supervisor. There is also plenty of video clips I am having to send links to of multiple government and health officials saying social distancing is absolutely needed. I am willing to help anyone convince whomever is in charge because the only way we are going to keep this thing from devastating the country, is to start doing these little things that will have a significant impact over time. Please be responsible. PLEASE. Visit the link in my profile or find Written by Dida on Facebook for more of my graphics, articles, tools, support, things to do to distract yourself, etc. #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #SocialDistancing #ChronicIllness #Spoonies #stopthespreadofcovid19 #InvisibleIllness #Fibromyalgia #writtenbydida