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Hi from me to you #SocialDistancing #Isolation #Fear

It’s difficult dealing with bipolar depression, isolation and the agoraphobia, #COVID19 , has amplified the seriousness of my depression. I can only imagine the people that haven’t been diagnosed probably feel like they should be now, however there is a difference between situational depression and the depression that can last up to two years. I have to say one thing, I’m thankful for my garden. #Agoraphobia and of course for The Mighty

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Puppy Time #Fun #Family #SocialDistancing

Good Afternoon Mighty Family

I'm late with my post today

Because the 🌞 decided to come out and play
So I could go round to my Eldest Son's and Daughter-in-law garden for some social distancing chat and some very much needed human contact.

As you can see my 2 pups got some much needed play time with their buddy Salami the Sausage Dog too. 💞🐶🌭

It was so nice to spend a couple of hours with them on my son's new decking he built whilst on lockdown. He actually went back to work for the first time this week. For a whole 3 days.

I also met my brand new neighbours who have just moved in next door to me. They told me their names . 🤔 what were they. Nope gone. 🤦‍♀️

I also put up a little string bead curtain on my door to deter the flies a bit. All sparkly and lilac.
I am doing well today.

I'll crash later 😅🤗😘😁☀️🌈🐕🐶🤗🌝🌤😎😊

Love n hugs Tj 💚💛🧡❤❣💜🖤💙💥💫💢💣💬🕶 #diy #Sparkly #Family #puppy #crash #ChronicPain #RareDisease #TrigeminalNeuralgia #PsoriaticArthritis #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Lonliness #Humancontact #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Love


How to rebuild social support system

Hi I have cut some people out of my life for various reasons and am almost completely alone these days. My phone broke and I lost my Facebook login, I'm between jobs and ended a 12 year relationship recently. I feel like I've lost a lot of friends and family to toxic narcissism and alcoholism among other things.

How do I begin to rebuild my life and attract good people who actually care about me to surround myself with?

#Friends #Makingfriends #Friendship #Loneliness #SocialAnxiety #SocialDistancing #quarantinelife #Recovery #Introvert #Agoraphobia #boredom #Insomnia #Kindness


Going on a rant and need advice. #COVID19 #SocialDistancing

Apologies in advance if this turns out to be a long rant.
I rent a room from a woman who has a five-year-old. They, for all intents and purposes, moved out some months ago to go live with the woman’s boyfriend. 90% of her stuff is still here and so are a lot of the child’s toys and such. I get a decent deal on rent but not that good. She comes over to get mail with her child. He likes to start playing with his toys. I don’t blame him but he coughs and sneezes open mouthed and doesn’t really understand the concept of covering his mouth or using a tissue. At his age it is normal to get these colds and coughs and have his little immune system become proficient at fighting them off. But here we are in a pandemic and I have a compromised immune system and they’re coming over here a little more often because I guess they’re bored doing the sheltering in place thing at the boyfriends house. And the kid is open mouth sneezing into the air and mom basically does nothing. The other problem is that they aren’t taking Covid seriously, like a lot of people where I live. She and the boy are going to barbecues and social events with her boyfriend and I am certain they are not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. The boyfriend thinks Covid is a hoax.
I’m frustrated. I really need a place to live right now. But I’m not feeling very safe. There’s a chance she might come over today. I’m going to have to talk to her. And I’m not sure I’m gonna do it. Thank you for letting me rant! #COVID19 #shelterinplace #compromisedimmunesystem


Self Care #MightyPoets #ChronicIllness

Sometimes I have to hole up
inside myself
quarantine voluntarily
as the world is just too much,
too overwhelming,
too fast.

I try to fit myself in
to keep up my entropy
to appear put together
or at least as cool as I seem
to you in my devil may care lethargy.

Can we agree
my body
my mind
Doesn't have to.
Would be better
Y'all here

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain #Anxiety #selfcare #SocialDistancing #Isolation #SocialAnxiety


How can I help my teenage siblings?

My younger brother and sister are having a very tough time these days and my parents are not very supportive or encouraging. My parents are very negative and fearful and the pandemic just gives them more fuel to scare and control my siblings.

I would even argue that my parents' behavior towards them is emotionally and physically abusive and medically, emotionally and educationally neglectful. My parents have always been devoid of empathy and abusive to animals and children.

My parents are not doing anything to help my siblings get an education, in fact they're making it harder. They don't help them at all and punish them if they can't do it all on their own.

And my parents refuse to provide my brother and sister medical treatment. I know my siblings suffer from depression, learning disorders and extreme social isolation, so I worry a lot about their health and safety. My sister gets paralyzing body spasms and can't control them and she has never been to a doctor or specialist to figure out anything about them. She's learning to drive now, what if she has one behind the wheel?

She stepped on a needle once and my parents still tell her how expensive that ER trip was (and my parents have money, they were easily able to pay for it ). It was an accident. Needless to say, no one steps on needles for fun.

My brother asked to go to a therapist and my parents took him once and when they got the bill they wouldn't ever shut up about it and told everyone so he quit out of shame and because they held it over his head and made him feel bad for asking to go.

What can I do to help my siblings?

I am worried about their health and safety.

#Abuse #DomesticViolence #FamilyCounseling #HomeSchooling #Depression #teendepression #SocialDistancing #Anxiety #ChildAbuse #EmotionalNeglect #educationalneglect #medicalneglect #Therapy #Shame #Stigma #kidsgetdepressiontoo #Selfharm #Trauma #HomeSchooling #Parenting #narcissistabuse #Isolation #pandemic #LearningDisorder #ADHD #spasms #toxicparents #Shame #childneglect #EatingDisorders #ToxicRelationships #toxicreligion #religious Trauma #religiousabuse #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissiticmother #narcissistparent #animalabuse


Living well while #quarantined

I was wondering whether I am the only one who feels that very few things have changed during #quarantine . Most people around me act with hysteria, claiming this is unfair, it is the end of the world or on the other hand, not taking it seriously and finding ways to go out of their houses bc they say they are bored all day home. I guess, most people take for granted the ability to go outside, hang out on everyday basis etc so now that they are forced to stay home, they find it strange and uncomfortable. As for me, my bad days are still as bad as they used to be (for details, check out my posts) and my good days shine bright just like they did in the past. I take time to take care of myself, think about the future and stress less. I live alone so social distancing hasn't been bad for me. I kinda like the quarantine. Is anyone feeling this way ?#COVID19 #quarantinelife #SocialDistancing

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Cultivate Beauty Wherever You Can ... Even During Quarantine

I was able to think a lot while I was digging today. The pandemic is still going on. I have been fighting off and through depressive episode. Ihave all these creative projects that I’m trying to encourage myself to either begin or finish (I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE THEM W/ YALL! They’re mad encouraging!) I still am wrestling with my #eatingdisorder......AND! All of those things will be there until they are not. I woke up today, prayed, and the first thing I did was go outside and start digging. I didn’t know how long I’d be out there. Didn’t know if I’d finish today. Don’t know when I’ll finish or how fast I’ll work. Didn’t know if the rain would come. Didn’t know if my sister would ditch me because she was tired or reading her book outside, or if my brother would come outside and laugh at me per usual whenever I do cute, therapeutic things. He says playing in dirt and making a mess or being a “lame”. He’s one of my favorite people and he’s hilarious though so it’s okay. So many thoughts, so many worries, and so many... just, like... feelings - so many things outside of my control. You know what was in my control? If I chose to set my one thing to accomplish for the day: taking another step towards cultivating beauty wherever and whenever I can. It may not feel like a lot, but it is significant and important to look for ways to cultivate beauty - whether it be external, like a garden, or internal, like self love or focusing on a character trait you want to develop. There are no small steps. EVERY step is significant! Just like every shovel full of dirt.

Quarantine depression - 0 / Aidee - 1!

#BipolarDepression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #AnorexiaNervosa #BulimiaNervosa #Anxiety #Depression #EatingDisorders #treatment #Recovery #Healing #light #Joy #Hope #Happiness #Gardening #Beauty #sunflowers #Family #COVID19 #quarantine #quarantinethoughts #SocialDistancing #hopehealsinitiative