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    Flare up?

    Was fine today, but tonight is a different story. #Flareup #chronicmigraine

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    Interstitial cystitis #ic

    Does anybody have any flare up tips for IC? Im newly diagnosed and looking for some tips on how to alleviate some of the symptoms even a little. #InterstitialCystitis #Flareup #ic

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    Hardest times and beautiful places

    On Monday it was my birthday, I was in such a wonderful place with siberian deers and does walking in front of my window ....but...I had and still have a Multiple sclerosis flare up...I feel horrible ..plus all the situation in my country is getting unstoppably worse and hardly bearable at all....plus some personal issues with my relationships upset me much....
    All in all I feel very very much down this week....😔 Only my pets, kind words and small gifts from kind people I'm lucky to know keep me from drowning in the darkness....
    #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIlless #MultipleSclerosis #Flareup #Fear #IntrusiveThoughts #darkness

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    I just slept 18 hour and haven’t slept much in weeks. I guess by body had enough and was like nope I’m putting you in a mini coma . #MixedConnectiveTissueDisease #Depression #Anxiety #Flareup #Trauma

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    Coping Mechanism Distraction(s)

    What do you use as a coping mechanism to distract you from you. So your body can get some sort of piece.

    I use candy crush, I know it sounds silly but for me it’s a mindless task. Keeps my brain entertained enough but doesn’t require a lot of mental copacity. Physically non demanding unless I am having a bad flare and it’s effecting my hands. #MixedConnectiveTissueDiseaseMCTD #Depression #Anxiety #Childhoodtrauma #Trauma #Flareup #raynauds #Arthritis #chronicmigraine #Stepmom

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    Fighting a flare

    I'm just returning to social media after going through a nasty Psoriotic Arthritis Flare. Thr thing was I could see it coming, and I knew what was happening but I failed to stop and put myself first. I kept going and going. I'm got stuck in a whirlwind of having too much going on and trying to spin the plates. Luckily I've got a really understanding GP and while I was seeing her for something different she spotted that I was not well. Her asking 'was I alright twice?' was enough to crack my shell.
    So I took a month off work and rested and slept and rested. I'm now starting the upward journey but there's still a steep climb ahead. Oh the joy of a chronic condition, 2 steps up the hill and then you slide 3 back. Now it's time to concentrate on self care. #psorioticarthritis #ChronicIllness
    #Flareup #Selfcare


    I’m in another flare up #Fibromya

    I went for a 10 minute walk for the first time since having covid (I deliberately made sure not to push myself for the whole month). I sat down multiple times, I made sure that I slowed my pace down and walked slow. I made sure that I paced myself. It didn’t matter, I’ve been in extreme fatigue since. I can’t think straight, I can’t focus on anything or retain any information. Even better I’m still waiting on my rheumatologist letter from early December! I’m exhausted and in pain. I’m also scared that I won’t be able to continue working. I just started an apprenticeship for teaching. I don’t want it to take away that dream, not when I’m so close. #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIlless #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain #Flareup

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    Easing a little!

    Yes! My pain is finally easing a little! I been trying hard to relax and that is exhausting chore cause I am a woman who likes to make sure everything is kept up.
    I played outside with Loki lots yesterday, more then I should have! I enjoyed myself and I needed that! Sometimes for your mental sake you just gotta do it!
    After dinner I sat in the tub for the longest time to ahead of the pain!
    I am paying for it a lite this morning. I can feel my body aching but my time spent was worth it!
    I think all the fresh air too helped with a good night's rest!
    I hope it continues to look better from here even if it's for a short while!
    Hope you all have a wonderful Day!
    #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Flareup

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    What was that moment with your furbabies, when you were in your darkest that your pet just lighten it?

    My most recent ( last night)
    I been in tons of pain last night pretty much all day has been the highest pain since this flare started.
    I live in my tub and it usually helps with jets on my aching body. However last night, nope not working. I am just consumed with pain, Loki not leaving me alone this whole time, throwing his ball for him. I tell him no more buddy!
    I position myself so the jets can hit the front of my thighs leaving me to turn my back on Loki!
    He takes his ball and drops it in the tub and I started laughing and he just doesn't give up. It really helped for that few mins of laughter.
    I moved on to my tummy so the jets hit another sore spot and the pain came rushing back and I busted into tears, my Loki nudges my shoulder with his nose, I look up at his sweet face and he licks my tears away.
    In that moment of laughter and his gesture of love, my load of pain didn't feel so heavy!
    #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Flareup #MightyPets

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