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Proved My Doctor Wrong

For nearly a year, I have complained to my doctor about pressure and pain where my liver is located and he finally gave me an ultrasound, he didn’t really want to because he didn’t think anymore was wrong, but I knew something was and definitely wasn’t normal. The results came back and I have a fatty liver and gallstones. The blood test and urine test came back that my liver has a little damage to it. He’s finally taking me serious after the test results came back. Before he always brushed me off. I hate that I had to go a year with the pressure, pain, and constant appointments for him to finally do something just to find out I was right the whole time. I lost a year of trying to reverse my liver before it’s too late and goes into a much bigger/worse problem and that I have gallstones. I knew the pain wasn’t from my Fibromyalgia… #FattyLiver #gallstones #chronicallyill #ChronicPain #doctorsdontlisten

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Detox and Cleanse

I had an Upper Endoscopy done yesterday, and since I had to fast to prepare for it, I'm taking another step toward healing.

I'm taking 8 days to soothe and heal my body with smoothies, water, and teas.

Then I will move back into my anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet for good.