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I had the most relaxing bath ever using this avocado bath bomb my friend gifted me and then enjoyed my time alone, having my healthy breakfast and herbal sweet rose tea while watching The Glory which is a korean drama and it's on Netflix. I definitely recommend it as it's really interesting but very dark.

#bathtime #Fibromyalgia #feelenergised #Healthyeating #FoodisMedicine #lifeisfunagain

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Green Mango Chill

1 c. filtered water
1c. frozen mango
1 medium frozen banana
2 c. chopped celery
1 handful fresh parsley

Throw in a blender, ta-da!
*Note: The celery is strong. If you're not wild about celery, either cut it back, increase the mango, or substitute your favorite dark green leafy for the celery.



Detox and Cleanse

I had an Upper Endoscopy done yesterday, and since I had to fast to prepare for it, I'm taking another step toward healing.

I'm taking 8 days to soothe and heal my body with smoothies, water, and teas.

Then I will move back into my anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet for good.

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Sweet treats!

So I can't eat sugar or spices(cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom or ground cloves), so basically most Thanksgiving desserts are out for me. While this crushes my whole spirit, this year I felt better because I was able to bake these pies for a friend and one of my volunteers at work. I may be beyond exhausted but something about making these treats for others made me forget how I can no longer have my fave holiday dessert: sweet potato pie. So while on the happy note, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert??? #chronicallyillandstrong #goodfoodgoodmood #FoodisMedicine #Rosacea #autoimmunelife #Inflammation #HolidayMeals


Food for thought

Years ago I was told or heard that my diet can affect my mental health. Back then I wasn’t too concerned about what I ate. Earlier this a dear friend of mine told me about the Keto lifestyle and how it helped her lose close to 100lbs. She referred me to a YouTube video that suggested that depression and anxiety are caused by inflammation in the brain. The dr then said that a high carb diet causes inflammation all over the body. He said that by reducing carbs it may help reduce inflammation in the brain that causes depression and anxiety. I am a willing participant in any treatment that would help my mental health, so I did a lot of research, still do, about the Ketogenic lifestyle. I began that in May this year and lost 51lbs. Now that wasn’t my reason for going on Keto but I am happy to have that excess weight off. What really matters to me is how much better I feel mentally. I haven’t felt this good in years. I still have moments of depression and anxiety but it is far less than it ever has been and those episodes don’t last long. Food is medicine and can be used to treat depression and anxiety and help someone feel better. I take the lowest dose of an antidepressant, which is a huge switch from taking three or four meds at a time. #lifeisgood #FoodisMedicine #Ketohealthy

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I always talk about the things these illnesses have taken away from me.

And it’s right that I mourn — what I once had, what was ripped away so suddenly (and painfully), what I never expected to be taken away from me.

But it’s time to celebrate all I have been given in return.

What’s that, you say?

> The pain of “friends” leaving gave way to those who have proven to stick through thick and thin.
> My rightfully hated medical leave gave me another half a year at home with my family. I’d call that a blessing.
> The pile of compounding loans and medical bills was a harsh lesson in the value of money. Dave Ramsey I’m looking at you.
> No, I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want anymore. But I wouldn’t trade the knowledge I’ve gained on nutrition for anything in the world. I feel better than I ever thought I could. #FoodisMedicine
> A complete shift in mentality. School was the only thing important in my life, at the cost of relationships and even my health. This pain finally became something I couldn’t just push through and ignore. I’ve been forced to learn how to put myself first, and that’s a first!
> A support system for the ages (that’s only like 5 people, but it’s 5 more than I thought I could count on)
> The utter joy and hope when a dr actually looked at me, saw affliction, and dared to step between me and my illness.
> And in the same breath, the ultimate patient perspective. If I can become half the physician my doctor was to me, I’ll consider my work worthy.

I could’ve done without the pain, but now I couldn’t do without the lessons learned and wisdom I’ve gained over the course of this radical change in my life.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

#ChronicIllness #ChronicCourage #ChronicPancreatitis #ChronicPain #AutoimmunePancreatitis #AutoimmuneImmunodeficiency #PrimaryImmunodeficiency #sjogrens #Vitiligo #CeliacDisease #SpoonieStudent