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Managing Anxiety

Hi all,

I am starting to take better care of myself one step at a time which I am proud of but I have constant physical symptoms of anxiety and feeling angry and like crying but I am not sure how to release these emotions, get to the root of them or to manage them more effectively. #Anxiety #Depression #feelingangry #frustration #Heartbroken #numb

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What do you do

when you are trusting medical professionals and they lie? I had multiple swabs in places I didn't know could be swabbed over a high fever and was put into quarentine for multiple days. I was on a high dose antibiotic. I had a lung xray as well. Days later was told my swabs were clear, I have a spot on my lung impacting my breathing and I must have had a cold. I recieved major surgery days later..likely still full of pnemonia 🥺 I woke up on oxygen from surgery. They claimed it was from the drugs they knocked me out with. I recently got access to my xrays and reports...my xray says "pnemonia". 😭 Why ..why ..why was I not told. 😭 why tell me its a spot ?? It isn't a big deal in most ways since I survived but why lie? Why not tell me its nothing when its pnemonia? Why force all this stuff and claim its a cold?? Then rush me in for my surgery??!! Then they wonder why I have medical anxiety 😭😭🥺 #whattheliteralf #medicalanxiety #pnemonia #fluidinlung #feelingangry #Feelinglost
I just want to be okay... 😭

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