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How do you keep yourself from cancelling appts?

I haven't shared on here in a while, because I am happy to report I have been doing well in general and maintaining some strong coping mechanisms for my anxiety and depression. However, something I struggle with is dental appts. I need to go - its been a few years. I struggle greatly with this because it gives me the most anxiety. Any suggestions on how to combat this? I have thought about asking for a sedative to get me through the appt - I really just need a cleaning, my teeth are in good shape. However, I am so anxious to even make the appt. Last time I went, the dentist was very aggressive and that did not help my medical anxiety at all, not to mention I have had a lot of other appts over the years for some reproductive health issues. I am appt'd out, and really just want to invest in a scraper to clean my own teeth, but I know that's not an ideal solution. Help, I am so overwhelmed by this. #medicalanxiety #Anxiety #whitecoatsyndrome

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What do you do

when you are trusting medical professionals and they lie? I had multiple swabs in places I didn't know could be swabbed over a high fever and was put into quarentine for multiple days. I was on a high dose antibiotic. I had a lung xray as well. Days later was told my swabs were clear, I have a spot on my lung impacting my breathing and I must have had a cold. I recieved major surgery days later..likely still full of pnemonia 🥺 I woke up on oxygen from surgery. They claimed it was from the drugs they knocked me out with. I recently got access to my xrays and xray says "pnemonia". 😭 Why ..why ..why was I not told. 😭 why tell me its a spot ?? It isn't a big deal in most ways since I survived but why lie? Why not tell me its nothing when its pnemonia? Why force all this stuff and claim its a cold?? Then rush me in for my surgery??!! Then they wonder why I have medical anxiety 😭😭🥺 #whattheliteralf #medicalanxiety #pnemonia #fluidinlung #feelingangry #Feelinglost
I just want to be okay... 😭

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#medicalanxiety #OCD

Since surviving Covid, I have been obsessing over all the different diseases I might have. I did get some further tests done just to be sure, but this is the first time I have felt physically sick thinking about things. I have no results from the doctor yet, and that has been causing me a tremendous amount of stress too. #OCD #medicalanxiety


Super high anxiety today broke my toenail it hurts who has any ideas on why health anxiety plagues me?? #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder

I can’t get rid of my medical anxiety I do have chronic pain and health issues like fibromyalgia and anxiety and depression so coping is hard these days and I’m lonely I don’t leave hone much can’t until I find out my covid 19 results. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my quiet time but no one to talk to or check in with feels like no one gives too flying cares about https://me.who can check in with me on here and give me some advice?? #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #PTSD #Anxiety #medicalanxiety #Hasimotosdisease #Fibromyalgia #DatingWithAChronicIllness #Bipolar2Disorder


Anyone else with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder get so excited about things you're sad?

I was looking over fellowships for my MS program today and after thinking about the kind of essay I would write about my research interests wanted to cry... OK I still want to cry. Everything I'm putting into this degree is intended to research technology intended to help people. I had a clinician talk me out of a #medicalanxiety episode over the phone last year. Since then I've needed to find a way to use speech technology to help others. I'm going to be out about having #BPD , being #SOBER, and my speech processing disorder once it's diagnosed. I think I can help a lot of people that way... and I'm barely not crying now...


Thinking about what people said to me months ago #Crazy

People always bully me with their minds subconsciously even those that I’m close to. I guess it’s because I’m so nice and I guess people think I’m entitled all the time. I don’t know what it is. Makes me sad #Depression #Anxiety #Maniac #Paranoid #medicalanxiety I think about the things they said like for example, “You’re just lazy.” And it really makes me sad people think I’m lazy when I’m fucking hurting. Like, why do people think they can talk about me and literally make me feel like shit, and not know that I have anxiety and what I’m going through. Even fucking family. I hate them.


Any tips for anxiety around getting blood drawn?

I am not great with all shots, but I get particularly anxious before, during, and after having blood drawn. A great nurse can help me a ton sometimes, but I was wondering if anyone had any tricks for calming your mind when having blood drawn? Any advice is appreciated!

#Anxiety #medicalanxiety #ChronicIllness #ChronicHeadaches #Nurses #mightynurses