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    I am scared as hell about someone. Had a dream about them a couple nights ago that they had a medical emergency and didn't make it. Then I realize they have been MIA for a week. Reached out but no acknowledgement which is unusual. I am crying. Been praying like hell. Trying to trust God. There's a song that came to mind and am striving to do this even though it is so hard to do.

    Even when the fight seems lost
    I'll praise You
    Even when it hurts like hell
    I'll praise You

    Even When It Hurts - Hillsong #TheMighty #MightyTogether #scared #Worried #Concerned #Heartbroken #Fear #Crying #FearOfAbandonment #trigger #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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    My boyfriend broke up with me…. and I feel shattered.

    It happened. And I never thought that this day would come and how hurt I will feel… he let me go because I am not independent on my own and couldn’t find a job. I tried SO hard to make it work with my art. But I am a struggling artist. He just Couldn’t take it anymore. He told me he was thinking about ending things with me for months, sleepness nights etc. I’m 28 and This was my first boyfriend and partner. We were together 4 years. I just moved back to my parents as I had nowhere else go. Unpacking mu things halfway through and I started breaking down again. I feel so broken. So useless and lost. I don’t know what to do, what to feel, where to go. I am so scared. I just want to cry and hide from the world. I feel like i am not going to make it. I feel beyond repair. I feel shattered. #breakup #heartbreak #Heartbroken #lost #hurt #useless #scared #Broken #Shattered



    Discouraged and giving up on situations I have been praying over, crying out for and believing for the past few years. They are consequences of my mental illness that I have done all I can to rectify, mend and heal for. I guess it just wasn't in the cards. #timetomoveon #movingforward #notsupposedtobethisway #Heartbroken #Itiswhatitis

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    Just a thought

    I was wondering does anyone with anxiety or depression, have days when they feel alone? They don’t have anyone who really checks up on them to see if they are doing okay.. but , there’s a ton of “friends “ who expect you to do so for them ? The past couple of days I have been really down and the most I’ve received was “ My parent was in the hospital and you haven’t answered any of MY messages.” You’re not depressed you’re just selfish and looking for attention!!” What do I do now?!! #confused #Heartbroken

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    Going through a break up while also fighting depression

    Has got to be one of the WORST feelings of all time! I made the mistake many of us do, by molding my world around him as he stood at the center of it, so without him, I have nobody. I’m feeling all these annoying normal feelings of a breakup ON TOP of this stupid depression. I feel like any progress I made is gone and I’m back at square one. I don’t know how I will get through this. The pain is unbearable. I sincerely feel I don’t deserve this. I gave him everything I had to give. 6 years of on again off again, it’s like we always found our way back to each other. However now I’m wondering if it was all just a trauma bond. How do I get over this and move on when the stupid depression keeps me in bed?? I am soooo lost and depressed. 😭😭My soul feels shattered. I don’t know what to do, how to pick myself up or how to move on. It’s been him and only him for 6 years now… and after 3 months of being back together after breaking up for a year, he just decided to cut it off for good… I don’t understand. Nothing makes any sense right now. I’m just hurting so bad right now.


    Should people with mental illnesses date each other?

    I feel so misunderstood by the current boyfriend, not sure if he's acting like he can't hear me when I raise issues but it hurts feeling unheard by him and my Mother....

    #Bipolar1 #Anxiety #Heartbroken

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    Stonewalling Breakup

    I recently broke up with a man I was seeing for 7 months. Things were going very well. We had great times together. We made plans for the future. We are both divorced and want to settle down and have a blended family. He was/is going through money problems and I helped him a lot with the agreement that he will give back once things get settled. I got overwhelmed with his financial problems and it started to stress me out. On another note, whenever we have difficult conversations I notices he freezes up and pulls away. Whenever we have disagreements, he does the same. The time, he ignored talking to me about the problem for 5 days and was cold and distant and I felt so overwhelmed I could not take it anymore. I felt desperate to talk to make things right that I went to his home and he refused to talk and said he was busy. When I asked him if we were ok, he said let’s not talk now. But it has been 5 days already. I have a nervous break down. It reminded me of past feeling with my ex husband. I ended it with him there and then. He asked if I was sure, I said yes, and he said ok. I told him to settle what he owes me and other issues we that is left between us. He said for sure. I feel like an idiot for choosing the wrong person. I feel heartbroken because I really liked him dispite his flaws. I can stop thinking about him. I am so disappointed and feel disrespected the way he accepted the break up . I wish he was a man and did it himself. #breakup #Heartbroken


    Today would have been my son's 31 first Birthday

    31 years ago at this moment I was in the birthing room getting ready to see my first baby. I can visualize every moment like it was yesterday. I wasn't supposed to be able to have children, the doctor had told me. Every child is a miracle but for me and my husband it was a miracle. We didn't know if we were having a baby boy or a baby girl so we had picked out the names for the baby that I dreamed of being a mom since I was a child. We chose the following names, Jacob Michael or Sarah Ann. At 2:08pm I gave birth to a 5.8oz baby boy! He was Full-term and I had gaind almost 40 lbs. He was so tiny that we had to buy premature baby clothes. Eventually he gained weight and grew into the extra large feet he was born with! 😄 I can't believe my baby is no longer here. It will be 3 years on Thanksgiving when he made the decision to end his life. I wish he knew he took a part of other's lives with him. I had decided that tonight I would go out and celebrate his life. Bought now I can barely breathe and want to hide in my bed from the world. I need lots of prayers and love right now. Happy birthday my "Honey Roasted Peanut" until we meet again remember I love you and miss you even when I'm asleep. #SuicideLossSurvivors #sucide #Heartbroken
    #prayers #ChildLoss #AfterSuicideLoss

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    you say I am

    How is it that I'm surrounded by family and lives one yet still feel so alone #Heartbroken #lovedbutfeelalone