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Day 9 of the worst flare of my life

I have never had a flare like this. I've had fibro for fifteen years. I am in agony. I've never had a flare last more than three days, and most last only one. I'm finishing up day nine. I have been in bed for the most part for nine days.

I called my mum today and whined at her for two hours. I went to the doctor yesterday. I had to see the np because my doctor wasn't in. I don't like the np much, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. She raised my lyrica and my citalopram, and when I asked what I was supposed to do while I'm waiting for that to kick in, she said "Just keep doing what you're doing, I guess."

Um, okay... If what I was doing was working, I wouldn't be here...

I'm having ice pick headaches, my skin burns, my muscles burn, my joints feel too heavy to move, my hands hurt, and my brain doesn't work.

I'm very frustrated and I feel terrible for my husband, who busts ass at work all day, and then has to come home and do what I haven't been able to.

I don't know what I'm looking for here, but I need something. Maybe I just need someone to understand.

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #fibroflare #Fibrofatigue #FibromyalgiaSucks #fibroproblems #Pain #ChronicIllness


Hi all, I just wanted to know how others cope with fibromyalgia chest pain? #fibropost #fibroproblems

Sometimes it gets so severe, I need to stop and take a couple of deep breaths and drink lots of water. I have done countless tests and its always due to anxiety or stress. #Fibromyalgia #Pain #ChronicIllness #Lifeishard


Hip pain when you sleep?

Anyone else experience really bad hip pain when sleeping? I heard pillows help, what do you guys use? #Fibromyalgia #fibroproblems


Have you tried using #Caffeine to control #fibroproblems?

I read that coffee reduces inflammation. My markers are off the charts and I need a way to bring them down. Advil has given me ulcers in the past so I am hesitant to use it too often.

Anyone find coffee help with movement? It makes my pains worse but the inflammation is such a huge issue for me I really dont care.


Dr dr (it's no joke) #MightyPoets #fibroproblems

Please Dr can you help me?

Did you hear the words i said?

Please say that you believe me,

That it’s not all in my head.

Just because i don’t tick your boxes,

Doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong,

.I’m too tired to keep on pleading, 

This pain’s crippled me too long.

I wish we could swap places,

Even if for just one day.

Then you’d finally believe me,

Not just send me on my way.

You would know how much i long for,

Just one day to be pain free.

To know how much this illness,

Stops me from being me.

You would not sit and judge me,

Like i’m wasting precious time,

You’d help help me claim my life back,

The life that once was mine.

I know that i am dreaming,

You will never understand.

You’ll write me a prescription,

And place it in my hand.

I’ll walk out of those four walls,

Feeling let down once again.

Dreading my next visit,

To go through it once again.

Maybe one day you’ll believe me,

That one day you’ll truly care,

You will understand this illness,

Not pretend it isn’t there #Fibromyalgia