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    Preparing for the work week

    What do you do to prepare for the work week? I'm just getting ready to do my work week prep shopping. I need coffee and bubbler energy drinks to combat brain fog. Snacks to keep my blood sugar steady. Ibuprofen to keep pain scale under at a 4 or less so that I can function. Gatorade to keep me hydrated. Lidocaine patches in case the pain gets to be too much. Did I miss anything? # diabetes #firomyalgia
    # eds

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    Having areally bad day #BadDay

    Hi everyone my PTSD is really bad which has made my fibromyalgia flare up not sleeping my go increase my sertraline to 200mg yesterday and I have diazepam among many more meds just feel like im existing and not living #sad #PTSD #firomyalgia #BadDay

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    It has been a while... #Depression #ChronicPain #autismmom

    Yes, it has been a while since I have posted and so much has been going on. I feel like I have been beaten down to the core and I am having a hard time out if this funk. First, my son's EEG came back abnormal. He was having epileptic activity and has been put on Keppra. The first week of this medication was tourture. My son was not my "son". He got angry. Very angry. He wouldn't eat. He was dizzy and off balance. Thank goodness the side effects are long gone. We are waiting for approval to have a Video EEG done now. He has an orthopedic appointment this week for an abnormal hip X-ray and on the 18th he has two MRIs with sedation scheduled. His brain and his lumbar spine. I am almost positive he has MS 😟 So, with him alone, it has been awful. I had to put myself aside for a bit to take care of him and I have no-showed rheumatology, Primary Care for my flu shot and have put off finding a Pain Management Doctor. I have lost weight, have been in excruciating pain, my neuropathy is out of control, and mentally I am at the bottom of the barrel. With the Holidays is full force, I feel dead inside and out. I feel like I have no support system and I have no help with my son. I actually fell off of his bus stairs last week, I had right leg paralysis from the knee down and it happened while I was removing him from the bus... Embarrassing to say the least and it put my son in danger as I have to lift and carry him...I feel like the world is falling in on me. I am off my depression and anxiety medication because I was unable to go back to the psychiatrist for refills. Christmas? I don't want a Christmas. I worked 13 years and gave both of my kids wonderful Christmas's. This year, it may as well just be vacant in my home because I have no income and I have not got a denial or an award letter from SSD yet and I saw the judge 3 months ago...My son I'm so excited this year though, for the first time ever....So I did put a tree up and decorate. I will figure out the rest for him, to make him happy. Somehow. Through all of this I know I can't be alone in the world. I know there are families and people worse off. I have to keep reminding myself to appreciate what I do have. Work with what I have... Somehow everything rule can figure it out and be back on track I pray. I fell so behind on my medical care I don't think I will ever be able to catch up on it...Ugh. I wish I could be positive today for everybody, but these last few months have been so hard. I hope you are all doing well though...Don't give up my Mighty friends ❤️
    #Depression #Anxiety #firomyalgia #ChronicPain #Lupus #Neuropathy #Autism #ChronicIllness