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Dealing with food cravings + the temptation of takeout

I caved after work today and got a donair. Within ten minutes, the intense stomach pain hit and I am still dealing with discomfort, pain, and bloating six hours later, to the extent that I can't get to sleep.

I really struggle with consistently maintaining a diet that helps me feel good for a few reasons:

1) The constant, insistent message from my parents when I was growing up that if a food item is "good for you," then you should always eat it. Right now, food items that are certainly healthy like broccoli, chickpeas, and olive oil are actually *not* good for me and it is hard to shut off that voice in my head from my childhood.

2) After living in a number of different countries and traveling to dozens more, I have developed a love for world cuisine. Due to dietary limitations, I simply can't cook a lot of those dishes for myself, but sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, all I want is a bite of one of those delicious meals that transports me back to a better time. So I order take out. And then I have an experience like with the donair.

I guess this post is about the varied meanings of nourishment for different people. I am still trying to develop a healthy concept of nourishment for myself, and I am grateful for this group.

#Food #FoodAllergies #foodintolerance #Healthy #goodforyou #MentalHealth #Nourishment

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#happybreakfast strikes again

Hi folks! It’s been a week of change over here, as the child returns to university (that’s supposed to be a badger lol) and I received some food intolerance diagnosis.

While hubby and I work to navigate our changing lifestyle (revamping meals with no egg white or casein?!) I’m reminded of how much different things would be if I had stayed in my prior marriage.

So much of our mental and physical health stem from the people we surround ourselves with. Thank you to this group for being one more place I can seek support and inclusion!

#GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #foodintolerance #Caregiving