I did both of these things, so please believe me when I say I've been there. I spent years going to school, working, and also going to clubs, and sometimes working at them, too. Then, I spent years working every hour I could force my body to (after my symptoms started.) I was always a firm believer that you could have it all as long as you weren't lazy. And, in some cases, that may actually be how it is, but in many, we can hurt ourselves mentally and physically by pushing too hard, or partying too much. Don't keep telling yourself everything is fine when it isn't. If you're pushing too hard, concentrate on some self-care. Make it a priority to start a simple, short daily routine that can help you start taking care of yourself. If you're partying too hard- you could end up worse than just run down. You can easily end up addicted, in jail, or dead. Don't go there. If you already have, it's time to realize you're wasting your life and get help to get clean. For more on all of this, visit the link in my profile #writtenbydida #Selfcare #getsober #denial #fibromyalgiaawareness #Fibromyalgia