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Chronic Pain Anonymous #CPA #onlinesupport #Group #sharewithme #GettingHelp #gettinghealthy #striveforsuccess #takingitback2020 #encouragement

Is anyone familiar with Chronic Pain Anonymous? I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to get involved with an online group but really need this. Until I went to rehab for chronic pain recently, I didn’t even know this group existed and I’m needing to get involved. Please share any information or suggestions you may have!!! Thank you 😊!


A venting post: Losing weight getting healthy with lupus

Every time I start to feel better I begin to lose weight. My confidence is back, I'm far less reactive (not that I'm a very reactive person). But this always seems so short lived. I wish I had answers to my weight gain other than it could be inflammation causing the problem. I eat healthy and stay as active as I can. But as soon as a flare up happens it's goodbye thinner me hello all the weight I lost and then some. While I'm in these flares of illness I do still try to exercise an hour a day. I tend to decrease the load amount that I lift and maybe be a but more gentler on myself at the time; biggest reason is I don't want to add too much stress to my body while my organs are being attacked.
Then I get depressed. I don't compare myself to others, i compare myself to myself. I get angry and sad looking at the weight lost then gained back and it isn't a slow gain it is fast gain. No I do not so diet fades. I just cut out all unnecessary carbs, eat a 2/3 diet of raw plants with every meal, and stay with only healthy fats my body needs. Yet, here comes the fat regardless.
Any ideas on how to fight this?
#Lupus #ChronicIllness #weight gain #Depression #help #venting #gettinghealthy