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    Letting Go

    The best choice of letting something go I've made was my previous two workplaces. They taught me invaluable life lessons, but it was time to go after a year or a year and a half, and I am thankful I did. If I had stayed, I would have missed out on the current wonderful opportunities I have. #thankful #Opportunity #Reflection #encouragement


    Mark Heard - Spoken Word

    youtu.be/IjoYMXmN4Pw #encouragement #BipolarDisorder #markheard #Depression

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    My Happy Places

    When thinking of happy places, I'll try to remember some of the happy trips I've taken with friends or family. This is in OH, where I visited a former college roommate this summer. #Travel #encouragement #Relationships #Beauty #Outdoors #Hope

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    A Glimpse of Fall

    Happy September, everyone! Here's a pic from the latest hike I took. I hope the loveliness brightens your day, too! #Photography #Beauty #encouragement #Hope


    Coping mechanisms

    I almost dated a guy who found my relentless foot boucing really annoying. Its a coping mechanism I adopted from my Mom. I do it even when I don't necessarily feel anxious, its just comforting. My current boyfriend actually finds it just as comforting as I do. Keep surrounding yourself with people who care. He knows it helps me and he put in the effort to try to understand. Just very thankful for my support system.

    #AnxietyCoping #restless #encouragement #supportsystem

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    I’m proof that you can and will come out of this darkness of depression

    As many of you know me here, you know I’ve struggled with the longest, deepest and most painful depressive episode of my life for almost an entire year now. I had lost all hope of ever returning to any kind of normalcy. My days and nights were filled with fatigue, anxiety, and every negative emotion possible, most of all guilt for my condition. For almost an entire year I didn’t leave my bed, I struggled to even shower or brush my teeth. I almost lost my house, couldn’t take care of myself or kids, lost my job, I lost everything. It’s as though depression came in and knocked me on my ass as I sat numb at all I lost. I really thought my life was over at 38. It’s an experience I’ll never forget, that honestly almost took my life on many occasions. BUT I’m here to tell you, there IS hope. I’m not saying I’m magically cured but I’m slowly returning to human. It took 11 months but I finally found the correct cocktail of medication to help me after so much trial and error. I’m here to tell all of you to hold on because there IS an end to this. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you as many of you have been there for me through this horrible part of my life. Thank you everyone!!
    #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #CPTSD #encouragement #Hope #HoldOn #MightyTogether


    Forgetting meds

    Hello as many of you know, I have bipolar type two disorder and PTSD. I gave the hardest time remembering to take my meds and if I do remember it’s hard for me to remember the exact same time each day. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, I just want to say that I am SO thankful for this community of support. We are the STRONG ones guys. Let’s continue to encourage each other. “This is a marathon and not a sprint!”

    #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #ImListening #encouragement #CheerMeOn #Medication #helpme

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    Defining Unconditional Love

    Being the very literal person I am, my first instinct in defining unconditional love is to say "love that is unconditional." That definition is not particularly helpful, so I'll try again.

    Love is caring for others, considering their needs before your wants. Love is patient, kind, and truthful. Love encourages, protects, and forgives.

    Love is not being a doormat. Love is not ignoring your own needs. Love is not letting people take advantage of you.

    Love is a choice that you can make every day. Love is responding calmly and firmly when you would prefer to shout. Love is maintaining a boundary when you feel like giving in. Love is showing respect and dignity to everyone, even when they're cruel.

    Unconditional means that there's no limit to it. No matter what happens, there will still be love.

    Too often, people place conditions on their love. "If you act like _______, I'll love you." "If you're going to be like that, I don't think we should see each other anymore." "Why can't you be more _____?"

    If we expect people to give us unconditional love all the time, they will fail us. I will even fail to love myself unconditionally.

    But it doesn't matter. I will still choose love as much as I can, as unconditionally as I can. That's the way of life I've chosen, and I will stay true to it.

    #Relationships #Love #Selflove #encouragement

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    Committed to a goal #Depression #Anxiety #encouragement

    So I made this goal at the beginning of the year that I wanted to read the Bible in a Year and man let me tell you that this journey has not been easy there's been days where I didn't want to or I didn't feel like it and there was days where I wanted to stop and Quit. I even doubted myself but I kept going and stay consistent with it which is a huge thing for me because with everything I tend to start and give up when it gets hard or say that I'm going to start doing something and I don't start so this is really the first thing in a long time that I started on and consecutively been consistent on and I'm very proud of myself I just finished day 109 and I'm extremely proud

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    I tried out post-its as reminders, around the house… has anyone else tried this? #Motivation #encouragement #reminders