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The voices are new & scary because they are trespassing & living in my attic or basement.

And I can hear them talking to each other, sometimes about me. I’m fairly new to bipolar & voices even though I’m 62. I am always looking at our cameras outside & I swear I see these people sneaking around. We live in the country so lots of outdoor sounds, trees, animals, etc. I’m very scared of these voices because if they are not real,mthen I must be crazy or losing it. I lose sleep every night because I want them to leave or be quiet so I can sleep. And, they follow me wherever I’m staying & come out every night and they scare me because they are so real & they make noises like walking, dropping something, eating, etc. I often ask my husband if he hears these sounds too. I thought they were real people living in my houses illegally, then was positive they were ghosts or spirits & now they are supposedly just rats or possums. I actually called the police 4 times to have them get these people out of my house immediately. I am a good person & love everyone & I don’t deserve this. It’s affecting my life in a bad way. Please help me understand this so I can sleep & not be scared anymore. Thank you so much! Jeri ♥️ #intruders , #thevoicesrreal , #whyme , #wantnormllife , #assaulted , #Bipolar2 , #epileptic , #PTSD , #alwayshome , #dontgoout , #Goodlife , #gr8tfam , #wantpeace , #Mindfulness , #ydoieatcrap , #nomorehealthyfood , #noexercise , #scared , #Gettingolder

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Is there a reason why each year my body seems to keep falling apart?

I am 42 now and it seems that each year, I learn about a new diagnosis that makes me feel like I am older than my chronological age. I am so tired of just existing and being afraid to live because I may just fall apart. #Anxiety##Gettingolder