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    The voices are new & scary because they are trespassing & living in my attic or basement.

    <p>The voices are new & scary because they are trespassing & living in my attic or basement.</p>
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    I am an epileptic. Am I neurodiverse? #Epilepsy #epileptic

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    Dear Epilepsy,

    I hate how you come and go when you please with no remorse.
    When it seems you're gone for good,
    you come crashing through the doors of my brain..
    Robbing me of the only things I need to feel alive.
    You blindfold me, you tie me up and beat me senseless.
    You make sure noone can hear me screaming for help.
    When you're done with me I'm useless, confused, and weak.
    Sometimes you knock before you come in,
    Though it rarely matters if I answer the door because you never cease to intrude.
    I hate how you leave as soon as you've taken everything I have away.
    Only for you to come back another day.
    I can feel you sneak up on me..
    You wrap your hands around my throat,
    You slowly and sturdily tighten your grip.
    I can feel the blood rushing up to my brain.
    My face loses feeling,
    My legs and my arms follow shortly after.
    You mercilessly throw me to the floor.
    You like to attack when I'm the most vulnerable,
    You COWARD.
    I can't shower without the fear of you taking over,
    While you have your way with my naked body.
    I worry about the toll you take on the ones I love.
    As you leave it up to them to discover me,
    Unconscious, unclothed, and unable to control myself, in the bathtub.
    I lay there defenseless and defeated.
    You win again, epilepsy.
    You triumphantly walk away
    While I'm left to gather my broken pieces
    and regain my sense of self.
    Knowing that soon,
    You will come back and rip it all away again.

    #Epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #Seizures #epileptic #Poetry #Poem #Seizure