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    A Little About Me

    My name is Tonya. I am a chronic illness warrior and am passionate about advocacy. I love to share my story with anyone who will listen.
    I have been featured on my local news station and interviewer for our newspaper.
    I have numerous conditions such as Gastroparesis (g tube, port, gastric stimulator and on TPN) . I have Primary Immunodeficiency and infuse Hizentra. I have Ehlers Danlos, Autonomic Dysfunction and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I have Chronic EBV and had an Acquired Hemaphagocytosis due to being immunocompromised and catching Covid-19 earlier this year. I deal with migraines, hypotension and hypoglycemia as well.
    I'm currently writing for a migraine site and volunteer as an Oley Ambassador.
    My goal is to bring awareness of little known things about my conditions. I am always bringing new information to my doctors. They appreciate it.
    I hope to learn from you all and hopefully, you'll gain insights from me.

    #PatientAdvocacy #chronicillnesswarrior #gastroparesisawareness #GulfWarSyndrome


    March On Poem

    You got to get in step, you got to keep marching forward,
    It’s a battle to win, don’t just sit it out. That courageous warrior is still inside, don’t let the voices tell you that person has died.
    You are a warrior, America’s crown jewel, keep fighting the fight, even though life can be so cruel.
    When the forced march of life seems just too hard, and the visible and invisible wounds of war are weighing your rucksack down, put one foot in front of the other and march towards the winner’s crown.
    Listen for the marching cadence of heroes who have gone before…left, right, left, victory is on the horizon, you can win this war!
    Your uniform is made of pride and honor,
    Battle fatigues with tear stains and blood.
    Your boots are worn out, But your tour is not done!
    No retreat, no surrender, you must live life and love on.
    Let the footprints you leave behind be a legacy of undying valor and devotion.
    March on Warrior, live for those whom have died. Let their sacrifice always be remembered, for their spirits still march by your side. They are cheering you on… left, right, left, victory is won!
    Don’t give up warrior, March on!
    Written by H.D. , USMC Gulf War Veteran #Depression #PTSD #GulfWarSyndrome


    No escape

    I face a sad reality. When I’m awake I suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, respiratory problems, and frequent nausea, The medicine I take helps with the symptoms but makes me drowsy. I want to sleep but the sad reality is my sleep is tormented by nightmares. I have PTSD from several traumatic experiences throughout my life: child abuse, domestic violence, war, and experiences as a law enforcement officer.
    When I sleep I have to wear a mouth guard because I clench my teeth so hard reliving many of these tragic events. I wake up crying, mad, and exhausted. There is no escape for me. #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #PTSD #ChronicPain #LungDisease #GulfWarSyndrome #DomesticViolence