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My mantra for 2020

This totally my mantra for 2020 and beyond. When I started to lose the ability to walk, I honestly had in my head that life was over for me. What I didn't realize is that life actually started. This entire process has taught me how to keep fighting and to learn my new normal life. I'm learning that I am appreciative for what I do have. It may not be all I want but I'm grateful still. 2020 for me is like restart. It is showing me how my life can still be beautiful despite the challenges that are beyond my control. What I can control is my happiness and peace of mind. That is what makes life still very beautiful in my eyes. My good days and my not so good days will remind me how blessed I am. You can live a beautiful life too! That is only if you chose to. I know how hard it can be when your body doesn't want to cooperate with you but your thoughts, you can control. Regardless of what my body put me through I am still going to smile because I'm still here and still fighting! Let's make 2020 beautiful by loving and accepting yourself and the many sides of you. Let's not let our disabilities and illnesses stop us from living our best lives. Life is beautiful and so are you! Never forget that! Keep fighting!!!

Ana #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #LifeofanEDSerwomanofcolor #mantra #happy2020 #EDSAwareness #Happiness #Disability

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Let Go

I've learn to let go of the illusion that my life could be any different. It may not have been what I planned for myself, yet I am more awake now of the fact that life doesn't goes as planned and it is ok! You just pick yourself up and keep moving forward. I know that can be very hard to do with our illnesses and diseases, yet we are here for a purpose. Someone else could be in your exact shoes. I've chosen to share my story and I am feeling through it, working through and facing through it with dignity, gratitude, compassion and authenticity of myself. It feels good to let go! New decade, new ideas and new ways to continue to fight! Keep fighting!!

Ana 🦓💖💪🏾♿ #LifeofanEDSerwomanofcolor #EDSAwareness #WheelchairUser #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Happiness #LearnToLetGo #happy2020 #Depression #Selflove #Selfconfidence #Lovetheskinyourin

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Happy New Year!!!!

This has been a rough final year to a wonderful yet also heartbreaking decade. I lost my grandma in 2012. My mom left in 2014. I met my husband in 2010 and have been together since 2011. The start to 2010 brought the onset of my strange and unexplainable symptoms (which later ended up being to to #InterstitialCystitis), those which caused me to struggle for a while. I missed work, had no money and couldn’t pay any bills, didn’t sleep, couldn’t travel or leave my house on my worst days. However, in this struggle came ways to adapt. I had gotten used to it, found ways to keep flare ups at bay. I felt healthy for a while.
I got engaged in 2015, married in 2016, and became a mother in 2017. Despite having one of the greatest moments of my life occur in 2017, that was also when the swelling began. The very swelling that ended up being a Lyme infection, which was undiagnosed for nearly 7 months. That is where my journey with persistent #LymeDisease began. But I’m no stranger to health complications and utmost physical discomfort and hiding it from everyone around me as best as I could. I had already coped with #InterstitialCystitis unknowingly for nearly a decade. I realize I am #strong . I will make it. But tonight, I am not sick. I am not uncomfortable and I am not feeling sad. Tonight, I hope for the best as we bring in a new year and new decade. I rejoice because I have a wonderful child to motivate me . It is my wish to everyone who reads this that you have much luck , health, love, and happiness in the coming year. #happy2020 #strength #Feelinggood