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#Relationships #LearnToLetGo

#Anxiety If cutting me off makes you feel like your life will be better then do it, I support that! However, do not try to come back when you realize I was never the problem.

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Choosing Grace over Grudges

Yes! It’s so important not to remain bitter in certain situations, even though the person might be that way towards you. You deserve to be happy not miserable..#LearnToLetGo #Grace not #Grudges #Family #Depression #PTSD #freedom #MentalHealth

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Every season is a lesson. Gaining perspective. #LearnToLetGo #LifeLessons #movingforward #Anxiety #Depression #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #Recovery

Who else finds scenic drives to be helpful in clearing the mind and finding a new perspective?

Taking time to enjoy the Fall season before it leaves us. Trying to learn what nature is teaching. Fall is much like the happy time before the inevitable cold, dark, hard times of life. Winter last forever like depression sometimes seems to. However Spring....aw Spring.....from the cold darkness slowly but surely comes fresh growth and abundance. Our Minds are much like these seasons. If we hang on through the winter; new life..pure beauty will grow from our cold dark limbs. The moral of the story is to hang on. It gets better. Hard times are not permanent. In the hardest time we have the greatest opportunity for growth. #PersonalGrowth #LessonsWorthLearning #Perspective

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Eventually, alone time gets lonely

With depression in my life, I tend to isolate and not want to be around crowds. The peace and quiet from being alone makes me feel at peace and makes my mind quiet. There comes a point, however where a switch is made. The peace and the quiet begin to fight against me. Being alone is no longer bringing me peace, but rather creating angst. I suddenly want to be with others, but I missed the boat. I was too late in deciding to meet up for a walk with my friends or said no when really I wanted to say yes. Then the self-deprecating thoughts squeeze in and all I can do is go and sleep. This cycle has ruled my life for years . #alone #self-sabotage #LearnToLetGo


I've been trying to get this out for days.
I snapped. 26yrs of trying to be everything my family wanted, trying to be the good little Catholic school girl, being the one to take the higher road, being the one to apologize for everything, being the one to just let things roll off my shoulders. Being the one that walks away from the fight instead of standing my ground. Doing everything to make sure no ones feelings are hurt and respecting everyone older then me. I'm not doing it anymore. I'm tired, exhausted. I feel everything that's been building up on my shoulders. Sugar coating things so no one, even my family, would know just how much I struggle and what I go through everyday.
I feel almost like I can breath, if it wasn't for my mom. She takes every word and twists it on me. And when I demand apologizes now, she doesn't really apologize. All I want is respect. And I'm tired of the game, so I'm dropping my facade. I'm going to just... Live. Let things happen instead of trying to be someone, something, i cant accomplish. #LearnToLetGo #Depression #Freedome #living #notperfect #seeking #TimeToChange #change #isitokay #scared #Respect #different

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Let Go

I've learn to let go of the illusion that my life could be any different. It may not have been what I planned for myself, yet I am more awake now of the fact that life doesn't goes as planned and it is ok! You just pick yourself up and keep moving forward. I know that can be very hard to do with our illnesses and diseases, yet we are here for a purpose. Someone else could be in your exact shoes. I've chosen to share my story and I am feeling through it, working through and facing through it with dignity, gratitude, compassion and authenticity of myself. It feels good to let go! New decade, new ideas and new ways to continue to fight! Keep fighting!!

Ana 🦓💖💪🏾♿ #LifeofanEDSerwomanofcolor #EDSAwareness #WheelchairUser #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Happiness #LearnToLetGo #happy2020 #Depression #Selflove #Selfconfidence #Lovetheskinyourin

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Drop the weight #SelfDoubt #lovingmyself #LearnToLetGo

if you think about this backpack and pretend it is full of rocks with all those things written on them, and you have been carrying this around for years...How do you think you would feel? physically, mentally, emotionally. How much lighter would you feel if you just let it all go?

What are you carrying in your backpack?


Flashbacks #Depression #LearnToLetGo

I cannot stand when I have flashbacks. It’s like there’s triggers that bring things up that were hard for me in the past. Send my mind races. From one thing to the next from one disaster in my life to another. I end up in tears and none of this is even happening right now why do I feel this way? I just can’t shake it and the past haunts me I need to let go and I can’t. Any advice? It would really help looking for anything right now.

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Finding a balance

It’s hard when your on the path towards healing. but still in that place where it can go either way. You want to stay hopeful that things are improving.

you don’t want to get your hopes to high because your afraid if you do you’ll be let down.
It’s like a coping mechanism the body has created in the mind so that it can survive the storm.
Although it’s been helpful getting me through the really hard days. it has its down falls..
it’s kept me from figuring out my future. Because it clouds your brain and prevents you from seeing past the present moment.

This is something that I’m working on.
as I continue down the path of healing I’m learning as I go that the habits my body has created to survive all these years Is no longer needed to the existent that they were in the past. It’s time to start letting them go and creating new ones that better serve me at this point in time in my journey.
It’s time to retrain my body and mind to relax and not to constantly run on survival mode anymore.
#Healing #LearnToLetGo
#ChronicIllness #LymeDisease #LivingWithPOTS #LymeWarrior