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The #holidayanxiety is here!

❄️🎁 Ho Ho Ho 🎄☃️

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Whatever You Celebrate. It's just about Christmas Eve and the anxiety is roaring as the stores are packed. The theme parks are busy and my mind is in a tizzy. I look around and feel like the atmosphere around me is in a pressure cooker. I feel scared even when driving. LOL (Why am I laughing?!)

It just seems funny to me that I am freaked out a lot this time of year and do most of my shopping online. I don't like going out around this time of year to the stores because there's always a "Ken" or "Karen" and someone being mean. (Are you familiar with the "Karen" Meme? Sorry to my friend Karen, but of course she knows there is a difference between being named Karen and Being a "KAREN." Which I love her for being so awesome.)

I hate the #Anxiety and the #Drama that can happen this time of year (or any time of year,) but this time of year especially. It's horrible when we are all trying to enjoy the season and Miss Misfit is at the counter yelling at the Barista because they didn't add enough syrup pumps to her drink. Ugh. #BipolarDisorder does not take a break from the holidays and neither do #Depression and #Anxiety . But!! That doesn't mean We can't take one.

So? Hit the drive thru for your coffee. Sit there and watch the show around you and remember who you are. Stay grounded my friends. We will make it through this. We are not #alone for the holidays!!! I am here for you.

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I've spent the last decade learning, battling, and coming to terms with the fact that my life is a cocktail of anxious thoughts, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and agoraphobia. I've taken the meds, done the cognitive behavioral therapy, and read more books on this one topic than most people do in their entire lifetime. I still struggle every single day, but I've learned to live, work, and parent with my anxiety. And I'm proud of that. But the holidays test me every year. #Anxiety #holidayanxiety #PanicAttacks


It is right not to feel allright for the company party? #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #holidayanxiety

Dear community. I cancelled my RSVP for my company’s Christmas party because I am not feelling fine. Actually pretty down lately. They allowed me to work only half days but have had terrible panic attacks and I am afraid not to be able to relax at the party. I guess I am doing the right thing. I only dont know how to tell my boss as the energy is high right now because of the party. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance


##holidayanxiety Holiday anxiety

Every year I dread November to January. Amongst seasonal depression, I get such anxiety over the holidays: family, health, gifts, get togethers.... i rarely share how anxious I am and feel like I’m alone in it when I do. Food shopping most times seems too much& makes my blood sugar drop drastically sometimes because I’m a type 1 diabetic for 37 of my 41 years. It’s just SO much sometimes& when I cancel plans because of my anxiety it makes me feel even worse. Anyone else relate?

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