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I don’t think I’ve ever had such a #painful day, from ##bodyaches to #Migraine and my entire body #hurtssobad ! Is it the weather or my #InvisibleIllnesses ? I’m so #depressed that all I want is to be #aloneinlife with no phone ringing, I don’t want to talk to ##anyone because #NoOneCaresAboutMe , so I’m better off #aloneinlife and #SufferInSilence and ##BiteTheBullet .


Pain ##hurtssobad

It literally hurts so bad just typing this right now about my pain because my hands hurt and my left arm hurts and my legs and feet hurt as pain shoots up and down my body so intensely I want to scream and cry 😭 You would think I would get used to this pain having had it for 10 years now but I never get used to it especially when it dictates what day I will have and right now all I want to try and do is just get up out of this bed and get some food but the pain is unreal such is the life of a person with degenerative disc disease in the L4-L5 region of my back and spinal stenosis with myelopathy such is the life we didn’t choose for ourselves, if only there was a cure 😖😫😢😭😭