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Depressed and Confused? #Depression #COVID19 #Fatigue #Hypersomnia #bodyaches

Anxiety is my M.O. Anxiety is my diagnosis. I know my Anxiety like an old friend.

So, the debilitating depression I'm experiencing during this pandemic winter has been very confusing. And, I constantly wonder/panic if I have a mild form of the VID.

Can you entertain me and tell me if the below are symptoms of depression for you, sans COVID?

- sleeping... all. the. time.
- going to the grocery store zaps me of all energy
- I only have 50% of my old "normal" energy to give to my workouts... can't squeeze out anymore if I tried
- body aches
- feeling like I'm moving through molasses

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Anyone else paying for 'doing too much' yesterday #ChronicIllness #longcovid #autoimmune

#COVID19 caught in March has totally broken my body.

Whilst I didnt 'do' anything on Christmas Day other than a 20minute gentle walk with my kids and dogs, and in the evening my amazing hubby helped cook dinner and he cleaned up...

Today is #bodyaches , #Jointpain #ChronicFatigue #Tightchest and sadness = #bed


I’ve Conked Out

All week, I’ve made it my mission to get out of the house even though I’m dealing with body aches and fatigue. This morning was hard even though I’ve slept. I had planned to go to the library today, but I think my body has vetoed that ( and it’s quite gloomy outside). I’ve tried to improve my mood in the process, but it dips depending on how exhausted I am. #Depression #MentalHealth #exhausted #bodyaches #Fatigue #mood


Body Aches and Wanting to Give Everything Up

In the last couple of days, the body aches have come and progressed. It’s usually when my body hurts is when I sink deeper into sadness because I feel like I can never reach the goals that I’ve had in mind for the day. I’ve reached a point mentally where I feel the need to give up on people and certain situations. I’ve even had moments where I’ve said to myself:” I give up... I just give up.” I start thinking of past events up to this point and it drives me to sadness, anger, and ultimately just feeling “done”. I tend to hold on to hope that maybe things will change, and I’m deeply saddened or frustrated. They were once good in my eyes and now they are nothing to me in an instant. I want nothing to do with them, but I change my mind when things seem good. Lately, I’ve felt like maybe it is better that I just isolate myself from them for a while, I’ve convinced myself that my existence is not that important to them anyway. #Depression #MentalHealth #bodyaches #Aches #givingup #Isolation #Sadness #feelingblue

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I don’t think I’ve ever had such a #painful day, from ##bodyaches to #Migraine and my entire body #hurtssobad ! Is it the weather or my #InvisibleIllnesses ? I’m so #depressed that all I want is to be #aloneinlife with no phone ringing, I don’t want to talk to ##anyone because #NoOneCaresAboutMe , so I’m better off #aloneinlife and #SufferInSilence and ##BiteTheBullet .