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#anyone else

I’m at 53-year-old woman with Spina Bifida. The last four or five years I have been battling with pressure sore In the same area. I’ve had several surgeries on it and it got to the stage where it healed but not right up to the surface, I refer to the area as a little innie belly button. Every now and then it will have a little tantrum so to speak. Recently I’ve got a new mattress which is supposed to be excellent for pressure relief, a cross between air and memory foam. As this was a shall we say secondhand mattress I’ve had nothing but problems in the last few weeks with it not working properly. And now I can’t even feel the air flow on the mattress even though it was set to low before and I couldn’t feel it. I now have a red patch on my upper left thigh the same side as where historical pressure sore is. I am still doing part time bedrest…. two days up one day down type thing. My occupational therapist this morning said she was going to arrange to get a new working mattress for me however we all know how long it takes to apply for these referrals through DHB, This loan having it excepted by enable. And today my mind set is not good. Overthinking, panicking getting frustrated etc. I need to stay calm but I don’t know hell at this point. I Don’t mind admitting that I’m quite scared it’s going to all go to custard again so to speak. I know it’s not my OT’s fault as they try their best they can put their hands are tied in certain areas as well. I know I’m not the only one with the sort of problem but at times one feels so alone. Back in 2017 after all my surgeries and I had to come home and do three months bedrest which turned into 31 months And my mental health took a real dive then and I vowed and declared that if things went that way again I was done, never going through it again and would rather not be here any more. Anyway any suggestions or advice or just talking to someone like myself who is been through this kind of thing would be usually helpful to me I think. Anyway thanks for reading through all this, I tried to make it as short as I could whilst giving you the backstory. Thank you again, and take care. M

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Flowers everywhere #anyone remember the song about if you’re going to San Francisco ,be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🐾🙏✅💕❤️♥️🐾☝️🎵🎵

Trying to feel tired but sleep is not something I enjoy doing to much 😊⛵️🐾👍🤗🌹🐻🍀✅♥️🦋
Try to stay safe and healthy and be safe and wear your mask ‼️🙏💕 Now I have been reading about the vaccines and if it is true some may work but I am not taking any chances with Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease as I cannot afford to get sicker than I am 🤗😊🐻✅👍🌹♥️🦆Have a ducky day 🦆🦆🐕🤗😊❤️🐾🐻♥️👍👍🦋


Surgical Menopause and the explosion of past domestic abuse (PTSD)and Anxiety with PNES. #help #anyone #Losingmymind #why #whyisthereminimalinformation

I've had all the fun in my life! My boyfriend from age 14-22 was mentally and physically abusive. We had a beautiful daughter 16 years ago (I also endured preclampsia and postpartum). My daughter has a multitude of various illnesses from birth. So there was prolonged exposure to him and his narcissistic ways. After losing her for 2 years as a result of being "brainwashed" to think I was the worst mom in the world and sadly (but thankfully) being there to pick up the pieces of her realizations and understanding of what was happening to her and what a skewed perception she was lead to believe about me, she has been with me full time for the past (appx) 3 years now. In 2017, I had a full hysterectomy at age 34 due to pretty severe PMDD, Adenomyosis and cancerous cells. I'm now finding myself in the hell that is (what I think) the Collision of Hormones (or lack of), Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety disorder with Psychogenic Seizures and PTSD. I swear the menopause has been just enhancing or playing a really nasty game with the rest of these beautiful, disastrous disorders. I'm struggling going back and forth with my OBGYN, psychologist and psychistrist. I've lost my 3rd job in a row due to hospitalizations, partial day programs and sporadic "mental health days." I'm a hot mess... can ANYONE relate?! To any of it? I'm struggling and having symptoms I've never had before. I have had the Pseudo Seizures, panic attacks and disassociating "zone out" episodes for a few years now. But this past weekend, I was somewhere in between. I was "present" but, I really couldn't tell if I was or if I was dreaming. I was scared. I was soo worked up, I couldn't figure out how to put my clothes on! My mother and boyfriend had to help me and reassure me that I was indeed "here" and I was ok. I feel like I'm really losing my mind again. I'm freaked out. I'm currently back in a partial day program and can't seem to speak without jumping all over the place. I'm rambling now and I am not quite sure how much of what I wrote makes sense. I just really feel that there has got to be some evil connection to menopause and ptsd. It's hard to find solid literature about it to help me express it properly in my groups. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #menopause #Seizures #PanicAttacks #Parenting #Dissociation #scared ##

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Demi had me in tears 💕

did anyone catch that performance last night at the Grammy’s!? So powerful, so heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. #DemiLovato #anyone #GrammyAwards #Addiction #Anxiety #Depression

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#anyone else feel excluded#

Hi guys,
#anyone else feel excluded# from there family of origin????
And Anyone else are the last 0nes to know info that goes on both good and bad???
Really struggling to work out why it is that Im part of this family wen Im not told things or left out of things again n again.
So ovr it.
If it wasnt 4 My 13 Beautiful Nieces n Nephews Id walk away.
I feel sooooo invisible wen Im w them but then wen Im not there its almost Your visible.
I turn Myself inside out bout it Im sick of it.
Any Help or Suggestions would b Great or if Anybody could share there experiences with things that would b great too.
No pressure tho.
I know ALOT of it is from A Dysfunctional Segregated Alcoholic Family but I feel like Im paying a Life Sentence for My Real Parents n we r ALL somewat Adults now.
Sorry 4 going on n 4 the self pity about it all.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had such a #painful day, from ##bodyaches to #Migraine and my entire body #hurtssobad ! Is it the weather or my #InvisibleIllnesses ? I’m so #depressed that all I want is to be #aloneinlife with no phone ringing, I don’t want to talk to ##anyone because #NoOneCaresAboutMe , so I’m better off #aloneinlife and #SufferInSilence and ##BiteTheBullet .